Mar 27, 2024

Help Make a Difference in the Lives of Jackson Children in Need

jackson toy drive

Kids everywhere face difficulties, and it’s no different here in Jackson. Fortunately, help is on the way this holiday season, and you can take part.

Mississippi Children’s Home Services provides the state’s most comprehensive array of behavioral health, educational and social services for children and families. Established in 1912, the agency has a proven record of success for more than a century. But their organization could use your help. Here are four common ways you can help children in need through MCHS.

Volunteering Your Time

Sometimes life is too hectic for a big time commitment, but you can often find a little time to volunteer. MCHS has many great opportunities that can get you into helping kids in need.

During the holiday season, you can contribute by doing such things as reading to the kids, stuffing stockings with goodies, or fulfilling holiday wishes.

Volunteering with children can be important to them and spending time around people they see often gives them a sense of security they might not have. The holidays are an especially important time, when children need to be looked after. No one, even adults, wants to miss out on the fun and festivities.


Maybe you’re ready to do more than volunteer. Fostering a child is a big responsibility, but providing a stable home for even a short period of time can help children achieve a level of wellbeing that will put them on the road to feeling safe, secure, and loved.

Fostering lets you be a meaningful part of a child’s upbringing. You’re responsible for feeding, looking after, and living with a youth who desperately needs your help and love.

MCHS specializes in therapeutic foster care, giving the most at-risk children an opportunity to receive love and attention which can change their lives.

Adopting a Child

Adoption is a big step to take, but it’s been the cornerstone of MCHS since their founding. Adoption is a commitment to a child in need, but it can pay massive dividends, giving them an opportunity to form a lifelong bond that could greatly improve their lives.

Children need, above all else, a functioning family to grow. You can provide that, helping them along life’s difficult journey. You’re taking on the role of parent, giving a child more than a loving place to stay, but a place in your heart, and theirs.

MCHS accepts applicants interested in adopting children from babies to teenagers. The organization has local and international children who are seeking families ready to nurture them.


One of the easiest things you can do to help is donate. MCHS has donation lists for a variety of items to help provide for children in need, like school and cleaning supplies. Furnishing them with things they need is the first step towards successfully developing, and is a quick way to contribute.

They also hold events across the state. Morgan & Morgan is working with the Hinds County Sheriff’s Department to host one such event at Hal and Mal’s in downtown Jackson. On November 17 from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m., you can bring toys or pay a $10 cover, enjoying a fun event for a great cause.

Children are our future, and it’s our responsibility to give them what they need not only to survive, but thrive. At Morgan & Morgan, we’re For The Children this holiday season, and you can be too.