Mar 25, 2024

Georgia Super Speeder Law Yields Mixed Results

Georgia Super Speeder Law Yields Mixed Results - Speeding

Two years after the “Super Speeder” law was passed in Georgia, the results are in. According to FOX 31, the mixed results show both a decrease in speeding fines and increased awareness, as well as quite a few unpaid tickets. The Super Speeder law, which fines drivers an extra $200 if they are found going 20mph or more over the speed limit, was enacted in July 2009. 11Alive News out of Atlantareports that by the end of November 2010, 116,600 citations totaling $25,201,300 had been issued. According to the report, over a third of the tickets have not been paid.

Almost two years into the law, Georgia is still trying to collect about $10 million of the roughly $25 million that tickets were written for. According to the law, drivers who don’t pay their fines within 90 days of receiving the ticket have their license suspended. Re-instating a license in Georgia costs $50. Although the money collected cannot be specifically allocated to something in particular, officials say that a portion of the money is going towards funding a network of trauma care centers in the state of Georgia. State Patrol Cpl. Scott McClure said that around 60% of trauma care patients are victims of serious automobile crashes, so this usage is quite appropriate.

Speeding is a serious problem in the United States and often leads to horrific accidents. In the United States, there were 33,808 traffic fatalities in the 2009 calendar year, with 10,591 of those deaths the result of speeding. In Georgia alone there were 1,284 traffic fatalities in 2009, with 238 of them a result of one or more vehicle speeding. With over 30% of the country’s traffic fatalities linked to speeding, this is a problem we cannot ignore. Regulations like Georgia’s Super Speeder law are a step in the right direction, providing a tangible disincentive to breaking the law and putting others’ lives in danger.

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