Fun Activities to Keep a Sick Child Engaged in Fort Myers


No one likes to get sick, but it can be especially rough on children. Fortunately, you’re there to help relieve some of their stress. Being home with your kid doesn’t have to be unpleasant. Here are some things you can do to make sure they have an awesome time.

Fun Sick Day Activities

Getting sick can make a child’s life a little gloomy. They miss out on having fun with their friends, learning in school, and it generally disrupts their routine. Luckily, there are lots of ways you can brighten their day, like these provided by Real Simple.

Inside, you and your child could have a YouTube marathon and laugh together at ridiculous pets, dance-offs, and everything else the site has to offer. Showing them your old photos could also be a fun experience, letting you share some of your family’s best memories.

Making some of your own memories can be exciting too. You can pick up modeling clay to build animals and people, or some coloring books with perforated pages your family can hold onto. Blanket forts are a great way to create a fun environment for movie-watching and relaxing.

If your child isn’t too ill, you can even go outdoors for fun. Keeping the activities light and easy is a priority though, so they can heal quickly.

Fresh air can work wonders, and even the sky can be a source of entertainment. You can cloudwatch, taking turns calling out shapes you see.

Venturing near other people for too long isn’t recommended. For fast-spreading illnesses like the flu, having your child wear a facemask or covering their coughs and sneezes with a tissue keeps disease spread to a minimum, according to the CDC.

Your child might be too sick to have fun. Sleep and relaxation are critical to their wellbeing, and while some activities might help, too much can be a burden.

What if They’re Too Sick?

Making sure your child takes their medication is an important component to getting better. Complications can arise. Your child’s illness might not be improving. They could develop stomach aches, or even be allergic to their medication. A recent case where a pharmacy misfilling a toddler’s prescription sent her to the emergency room is just one danger.

If you think your child’s sickness is serious, schedule a doctor’s appointment to have it checked out.

If you think your pharmacist or doctor put you or your family in harm’s way, finding answers can be the least of your worries. But it’s our priority. Fill out our risk-free case evaluation form today, or learn more about what a medical error is.