Mar 17, 2024

Fight for Your Benefits — It’s Worth It


Applying for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits can be an exhausting and frustrating process. So much paperwork, so many appointments, so many phone calls. To then see your application rejected after going through all that can be incredibly painful and discouraging, and leave you without the will and energy to pursue an appeal or look for help. 

That’s what happened to Ellen*, a recent Morgan & Morgan SSDI client who suffered from a series of debilitating illnesses and injuries that left her unable to work enough to support herself and pay for her medical treatment. But even though her situation could have been used as the dictionary definition of “deserving SSDI recipient,” she still had her applications and appeals rejected over and over again, leaving her without the benefits and medical assistance she needed for years. 

But Ellen didn’t give up, and neither should you. You didn’t apply for these benefits for fun; you applied because you need them. Having an application or appeal rejected does not necessarily mean your claim doesn’t have merit, and a rejection can be caused by a basic paperwork or clerical error.

You don’t have to start planning for a life without the support you need. Instead, you can do what Ellen did and hire a professional to stand by your side and fight for the benefits you deserve. 

Get a Professional in Your Corner 

An SSDI application should be a simple and straightforward experience. Instead, it can be a maze of confusion, frustration, and despair that can be impossible to navigate alone. An appeal can be even worse. That’s where a Social Security Disability attorney can come in and make a difference. 

SSDI lawyers are experts at handling and working within this system. They’re not magic, and the process can still take some time, but if they take your case, they’ll be able to guide you and fight for you at every step. And Morgan & Morgan SSDI attorneys won’t charge a penny unless we win your case.

Here are some of the ways an attorney can help:

  • Review the application and accompanying documents for technical errors and mistakes that might result in rejection 
  • Gather and present supporting evidence 
  • Communicate with the Social Security Administration to make sure that no deadline or request for additional information is missed 

After Ellen came to Morgan & Morgan, her SSDI attorney started a new appeal for her, and this time, the process was very different. Her case manager and attorney handled everything. They filed all the paperwork, kept track of every detail and piece of supporting evidence, and stayed in constant contact with the Social Security Administration. 

Within a few months, it was over. After years of pain and struggle and frustration, Ellen had the benefits and medical assistance she needed. It wasn’t easy, but not giving up paid off.

Don’t Walk Away 

Too many deserving people who apply for SSDI benefits have their initial application rejected for questionable reasons, and too many of those people give up and don’t pursue an appeal. Don’t let that be you.

Taking another shot by hiring an SSDI attorney is worth it. Just ask Ellen and the thousands of other Morgan & Morgan clients who finally received the benefits they need after months or years of struggle. Call us today for a free, no-obligation consultation. And remember, we get paid only if you win. 

*Name changed to protect privacy