Mar 8, 2024

Facebook Data Breach: Personal Information of Hundreds of Millions Exposed on Dark Web

phone in hand using Facebook

Facebook is yet again accused of failing to protect the sensitive personal information of its users, leaving hundreds of millions potentially vulnerable to scams and phishing schemes.

A database containing the names, phone numbers, unique Facebook IDs, and other personal information of more than 267 million Facebook users was active on the dark web for at least two weeks, according to a report by cybersecurity firm Comparitech. In the report, cybersecurity researcher Brian Diachenko warns that this data could be used to conduct mass SMS fraud and Phishing scams. Comparitech believes that this breach likely originated with a criminal organization in Vietnam, and that the information was accessed via illegal data scraping or Facebook API misuse.

The hosting service that hosted the database has been informed and the page was taken down, but because this data existed as a downloadable file that was shared on hacker forums, it is impossible to say how many potential cybercriminals currently have access to this information.

We are investigating the filing of a class action against Facebook on behalf of those affected by this hack. And this won’t be our first time; we were also the first firm to file a civil class action on behalf of 87 million Facebook users to hold the social media giant accountable for data mismanagement in the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal.

A Growing Problem

As more and more of our lives and business become entangled with the internet, tech companies like Facebook are getting access to more and more of our personal information; a lot of which could cause harm if it fell into the wrong hands. This knowledge should inspire those companies to do everything they could to keep that data secure, but that’s not what we’ve seen happen.

Instead what we’ve seen is a dizzying explosion in serious data breaches, from businesses ranging from a local hospital system to the corporate tech titans of Facebook and Yahoo. According to a report by data security firm Risk Based Security, data breaches increased by 54% in 2019, with more than 3,800 incidents that we know about so far. Additionally, three of the 10 largest data breaches ever recorded happened in 2019.

Our personal data seems to be growing more vulnerable as it grows more valuable. It appears that we simply cannot trust those we’ve given this information to be motivated to do what it takes to keep it, and us, safe.

Fighting to Restore Accountability

Morgan & Morgan data breach attorneys fight for Americans who cannot afford to pursue justice and compensation on their own. We take on the irresponsible companies and organizations who’ve failed to protect the sensitive data of their users; our track record of success includes a $117.5 million Yahoo data breach settlement.

If you are a Facebook user who was affected by this breach, call us today for your free case review to potentially join a class action to hold Facebook accountable.