Mar 25, 2024

Elderly Woman Charged After Crashing into Crowded Supermarket

Exit Sign Image

An elderly woman was charged with careless driving after crashing her Toyota Camry into a crowded Publix supermarket in Palm Coast. According to Sun Sentinel, 76-year-old Thelma Wagenhoffer traveled quite far into the store after crashing through the exit doors. The car struck ten people in the store, but there were no fatalities as a result of the accident. The crash reportedly occurred when Wagenhoffer stopped at a stop sign and then hit the gas pedal instead of the brakes.

Two individuals were seriously injured in the freak accident, including an elderly man who was pinned beneath the car. Eight other people suffered relatively minor injuries, including a baby in an infant seat and a teenage girl. Three people remained in the hospital. 83-year-old Lupo Mario Hernandez was in critical condition at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach, 81-year-old Maria Hernandez was in good condition at Florida Hospital Flagler in Palm Coast, and Gertrude Marley was in fair condition at Florida Hospital Flagler.

The report by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) notes that the car "accelerated rapidly as it crossed the parking lot" and smashed through the doors to exit the supermarket. The car did not stop at the windows, instead reportedly continuing for 40 or 50 feet into the store. The FHP said that it was not unusual to receive a call about an elderly individual crashing into a building, but commented that the car rarely goes very far into the building.

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