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City’s Drinking Reaching High Levels, but You Can Avoid The Hassle and Danger

tallahassee drunk driving

Some call Tallahassee a drinking town with a football problem, and a recent report by 24/7 Wall Street somewhat agrees. The city indulges in various types of alcohol more than any other area in the state, and it could spell danger for you on the road.

Tally received the dubious title of Florida’s drunkest metro for 2016. Drinking carries a host of problems, but drunk driving is one of the biggest, and with 24/7 Wall Street reporting 34 percent of all driving deaths in the city were alcohol-related, you can’t be too careful. Here are some of Tally’s busiest scenes, and how you can stay safe on the road when you’re driving near them.

The Strip

The Strip, the collection of bars on Tennessee Street near Florida State University, is infamous for its drinking crowd throughout the week. The area has plenty of parking, so driving is an option, making for an easy night of travel. Other bars near The Strip, like Bullwinkle’s, have the same attraction. Cheap deals and big crowds can make travel there dangerous.

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The area is a stone’s throw from Florida State University on Tennessee Street, and so it sees many drivers and pedestrians. Tennessee runs through the heart of the city, drawing traffic throughout the day.

Bypassing Tennessee Street isn’t very difficult, especially at night. Several roads, like W Brevard Street, run parallel to it and don’t see the same congestion. Taking residential roads or more quiet ones can ease your journey and keep you safe.

College Town

One of Tallahassee’s trendier areas, College Town is home to several bars, and sees a lot of traffic. The area has many other draws, including shopping and restaurants. The streets are only two lanes, but sometimes see more traffic than they can handle. The area is just south of campus, making it a haven for students and a danger for drivers.

However, some safety measures like the roundabout at Woodward Street and Gaines Street have been implemented. The roundabout is spacious and affords you plenty of room to watch out for reckless cars, and avoid some of the congestion a block or two north.

Everywhere in Between

Bars are all over the city, not just near FSU and other campuses like Florida A&M and Tallahassee Community College. Neighborhoods like Midtown, All Saints, and beyond have many watering holes.

Other bars, like Potbelly’s, are right near FSU and see visitors using ample parking to file in and out on Macomb Street, one leg of another busy road in Tallahassee. Keeping track of traffic patterns and avoiding driving on big party days — like game days and holidays — could keep you safe from dangerous drivers.

You might be going out to drink, or you might be going out to drive, but no one should risk doing both. A designated driver, cab ride, or ridesharing app can get you to your destination safely, and if you’re out driving, always be on the lookout.

You can help keep others from making the mistake of driving under the influence too. The unexpected could happen to anyone.

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