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Chervon North America Recalls 85,000 Hedge Trimmers Over Laceration Risk

Chervon North America Recalls 85,000 Hedge Trimmers Over Laceration Risk - hedgetrimmers

What: EGO Power+ Model HT2410 Cordless Brushless Hedge Trimmers

Who: Chevron North America is issuing the recall of 85,000 hedge trimmers

Why: The rear switch trigger can fail to rebound after being pressed, which can cause the unit to activate unexpectedly, posing a laceration hazard.

Where: The recall is taking place in the United States and Canada.

When: The recall was released on June 01, 2023

How I Can Identify the Recalled Product: Customers can find the model number HT2410 and manufacturing date code displayed on one side of the product housing opposite of the EGO logo.


Why Were Thousands of EGO Hedge Trimmers Recalled?

On June 1, 2023, Chevron North America of Naperville, Illinois, in collaboration with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC ), have issued a recall of 85,000 hedge trimmers in the U.S. due to the risk of users getting injured. The recall notice mentioned that the risk of injuries stems from a potential issue with the rear switch trigger on the EGO Power+ Model HT2410 Cordless Brushless Hedge Trimmers. The notice goes on to mention that the tool can unexpectedly activate in the event that the rear switch trigger fails to rebound after being pressed by the individual using the hedge trimmer. 

The recalled hedge trimmers were manufactured prior to March 30, 2019, and customers can identify the product by its design which has a gray, black, and green housing, a yellow, 24-inch dual-action steel blade, and a black loop handle with a green switch trigger in front of the product housing. The trimmer also comes with a rear switch trigger underneath the rear handle. Customers can find the EGO logo displayed on one side of the product housing, and displayed on the opposite side, customers will find both the model number HT2410 and manufacturing date code.

The recalled hedge trimmers are powered by a removable battery and were sold either as a bare tool with no battery or in a combination kit that included EGO POWER+ 2.5 Ah battery and a POWER+ 56-volt charger. As mentioned, only units with date codes from September 2017 through March 2019 are included in this recall. The trimmers were sold in home improvement and hardware stores across the U.S. by authorized dealers and distributors, as well as on online retail stores like Acehardware.com, Acmetools.com, and Homedepot.com ​​for between $150 and $220.


Over 30 Incidents Have Been Reported

According to the recall, thirty-four incidents involving the EGO Power+ hedge trimmers have occurred in which they have unexpectedly turned on. Eight of those users were injured to the point of needing stitches. In Canada, roughly another 4,000 units were recalled after three incidents and one laceration were reported. After the reports, Chevron North America said in an interview, "We take safety seriously and have worked with the CPSC towards resolution." In the recall notice on the CPSC website, the company noted that the resolution they are providing their customers with is a free repair for the part of the trimmer with the possible problem. 

In order to have their rear trigger switch repaired, customers must head to the EGO's recall website and register their product. For more information about the recall and how to register for a free repair, customers can go to  www.egopowerplus.com and click on "product recalls" located at the top of the page. Customers can also contact Chervon North America on their customer service line at 800-492-0777 or via email at HT2410recall@na.chervongroup.com. The company has also warned users to stop all use of the trimmers for their own safety until the appropriate repairs have been made. 

If you have suffered an injury due to the recalled EGO Power+ Model HT2410 Cordless Brushless Hedge Trimmer, you may be eligible for financial compensation. For more information regarding the recall or your injury case, you can contact one of our attorneys today.