Business Trial Group Wins Big for Florida Realty Company

More than five years after a rogue truck ran through a property owned by Max King Realty, LLC, a jury awarded them $423,000. The verdict is the result of two and a half years of contentious litigation headed by attorney Benjamin Webster of our firm’s Business Trial Group.

The incident in question occurred on April 7, 2010 when a commercial truck driver making a delivery on the property lost control and plowed over the property’s grass median, striking several permanent fixtures and improvements on the property. The accident opened a gash in the truck’s fuel tank, resulting in a spill of over 120 gallons of diesel fuel on the property.

By the time the driver regained control of the truck, the fuel had found its way onto the grass median, the parking lot, and down into the drainage system. Over the next two years the property would go through a state-ordered remediation process to address the resulting environmental contamination in an attempt to lower contaminant levels within the legally allowable limits.

Finally, having fulfilled the State of Florida’s requirements, a Site Rehabilitation Order was issued releasing Max King Realty, LLC from further remediation obligations. The realty company subsequently had the property valued for reasons unrelated to any lawsuit, and was informed that the stigma of environmental contamination would significantly discount the value of the property.

The commercial trucking business responsible for the accident, Marian Recu, refused to compensate Max King Realty, LLC for the loss to their property value due to environmental contamination. Due to the defendants’ (and their insurer’s) failure to take responsibility for these damages, Max King Realty, LLC engaged the Morgan & Morgan Business Trial Group take up the fight.

Max King Realty, LLC was represented by Business Trial Group attorney Benjamin Webster. The lawsuit was filed on March 18, 2013, and after nearly three years of contentious litigation, and more then five years since the initial accident, Max King Realty, LLC was finally awarded a large verdict by the jury.

“We are grateful for the opportunity to stand-up for our clients and help them achieve the just result they had been denied,” said attorney Benjamin Webster.

Our Business Trial Group is no stranger to winning long, difficult cases. Since its inception, the group has received tens of millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements in a wide variety of commercial litigation and securities cases. Our lawyers are incentivized to give each case the unique attention it deserves, and only receive fees if their clients win.

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