Feb 20, 2024

Bose Recalls Nearly 1 Million Bose Speakers Due to Fire Hazard

Bose Recalls Nearly 1 Million Bose Speakers Due to Fire Hazard - speakers

What: 884,000 Bose Acoustimass, Lifestyle, and Companion bass modules.

Why: The speaker’s electrical components can fail, posing a fire hazard. 

Who: Bose Corporation.

When: Bose announced the recall on June 29th, 2023.

Where: This recall includes the Bose speakers sold in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. 

How to identify the recalled product: Bose customers can identify the recalled speakers by locating the serial number located on the back or bottom of the speakers.


On June 29th, 2023, Bose released a recall on The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website for 884,000 speakers sold in the United States due to fire concerns. According to the reports, the potential fire hazard that could arise if electrical parts inside them fail. The recall was issued after the company learned of 21 accounts of the speakers melting or catching fire. While none of the accounts have reported injuries, three incidents that included fires from the recalled speakers caused extensive damage to carpeting, an entertainment cabinet, and materials surrounding the bass box.

The Bose recall includes select bass modules manufactured before April 1st, 2006, sold at Bose stores, Best Buy, Circuit City, Sam's Club, Sears, and other electronics stores nationwide and online at Bose.com from January 1994 through April 2007. The speakers sold for anywhere between $220 and $2,200 and, in some cases, came bundled with select Acoustimass, Lifestyle, and Companion home theater systems. This recall also includes about 98,000 units sold in Canada and roughly another 18,300 units sold in Mexico. 


Bose Is Offering Customers Free Repairs and More

Those consumers who believe they are in possession of the recalled speakers should immediately stop using it and unplug the recalled bass modules and contact Bose to arrange for a free repair of the bass module or a 40% discount on a new replacement product. In order to claim the free repairs or the discount for the recalled speakers, customers can head over to the Bose website to submit a claim. In order to submit a claim online, customers will need to follow these three steps:

Step 1:

As mentioned, before starting this process and for your safety, customers must unplug their bass module from the electrical outlet. On the back of the bass module, customers can find the label, which contains the product name and serial number. Bose customers can find the product name located at the top of the label next to the Bose logo, and the serial number is described as “SER. NO.” or “SERIAL NUMBER.” Depending on which bass module you have, the label may have a different location. If you are in possession of the Bass Module Version #1, the label is located on the bottom of your bass module. If you have the Bass Module Version #2, the label is located on the back of your bass module. Keep a record of both the name and serial numbers.

Step 2:

To determine whether or not your product has been recalled, look to see if the product name is “ACOUSTIMASS 6 III HOME ENT. SYSTEM” or “ACOUSTIMASS 15 II HOME ENT. SYSTEM.” If your Bose product name and serial number do not match the previous one, please check the online product list provided by Bose to learn more. If your product matches the name or is on the product list, take a look at the serial number on your bass module and find digits 8 through 11 of the serial number. If the digits 8 through 11 are between “2090 and 6091”, your product is included in this recall. If the digits 8 through 11 are not between “2090 and 6091”, then your Bose product is not included in this recall.

Step 3:

If, by following the previous steps, you were able to determine that your Bose speakers are included in the recall, you should immediately stop all use and unplug the speaker from the power source. Customers should then return the bass module for a free repair or elect to return their bass module in exchange for a 40% discount on a new Bose Soundbar. Either way, in order to initiate a bass module return, customers must have the 17-digit serial number in order to use the self-service option on the Bose website. If your serial number is less than 17 digits, please contact Bose directly for more help.

If you are unable to find the product number or register online, customers can call Bose toll-free at 888-260-0819 for more information on how they can request a repair or discount. If you believe you are in possession of one of the recalled Bose speakers and have suffered an injury or it has caught fire and caused damage to your home, we may be able to help you. For more information on how a Morgan & Morgan attorney can help you, please complete our free, no-obligation case evaluation form today. Customers can find the Bose speakers are registered under recall number 23-234.