Mar 27, 2024

Attorney R. Rex Parris to Host Community Meeting for Porter Ranch Gas Leak Lawsuit

Attorney R. Rex Parris to Host Community Meeting for Porter Ranch Gas Leak Lawsuit - man in a gas mask

Attorney R. Rex Parris is hosting a community informational session on December 8th at 6 pm to discuss the detrimental effects of the massive Aliso Canyon methane gas leak on the residents in Porter Ranch, CA.

Gas has been leaking out of the Southern California Gas Co. (SoCalGas) facility for over a month and residents have been experiencing serious health complications because of it. Many are being evacuated from their homes for an indefinite amount of time. The meeting will be conducted at the Odyssey Restaurant at Odyssey Drive, Granada Hills, CA 91344 at 6:00 PM December 8th.

The meeting aims to discuss the dangers associated with the air pollution, and attorneys along with air pollution experts and geologists will be present. Residents will be given information about the lawsuit filed against SoCalGas for its alleged failure to take appropriate action in response to the gas leak in Aliso Canyon.

Attorneys will inform residents suffering from adverse health reactions on how they can join the lawsuit and what compensation they may be entitled to. Residents who have not experienced adverse health effects from the leak are also encouraged to attend. Those who have been evacuated or have experienced noxious odors may also be entitled to compensation due to the loss of use and enjoyment of their homes and businesses.

The leak was discovered around October 23, 2015. Instead of taking immediate action, SoCalGas told the community that they would have to suffer through the leak for the next three months until the company got the leak under control. The L.A. County Department of Public Health has stated that the leak contains mercaptans, which can cause short-term effects upon continued inhalation.

According to the lawsuit, the gas leak violates both federal and state law. Furthermore, SoCalGas’s response to the crisis has been grossly inadequate. The lawsuit states that the residents have been suffering from neurological, gastrointestinal, and respiratory problems because of the gas leak. At this time, natural gas continues to affect the neighborhood of Porter Ranch. SoCalGas has failed to provide information on how the leak affects the neighborhood’s underground water resources.

The LA Country Department of Public Health has ordered the gas company to relocate residents of Porter Ranch to temporary housing and hotels until the gas leak has been fixed and residents can return to their homes without fear of facing any of the health risks associated with the air pollution.

If you or a loved one is a Porter ranch resident you may be entitled to compensation. Find out more about your legal options.