A History of Data Breaches

It’s almost impossible for consumers to avoid shopping somewhere or using a particular service that isn’t vulnerable to — or hasn’t already been the victim of — a data breach. This is why Morgan & Morgan has an entire team of attorneys committed solely to protecting the legal rights of consumers whose information has been compromised or stolen by cyber criminals.

While it’s the responsibility of retailers, government entities, universities, and financial institutions to protect the personal information with which they’ve been entrusted, it is Morgan & Morgan’s job to take them to court when they fail to keep consumers’ data safe. The attorneys in our Complex Litigation Group have, for example, filed lawsuits against entities like Target and the University of Miami over their failures to keep consumers’ information safe.

Too often in recent years, these entities have failed to protect this sensitive information, and millions of American consumers have been forced to deal with the aftermath of having their personal details available to any computer-savvy cyber thief.

To give consumers an accurate depiction of just how serious of an epidemic data breaches have become in our consumer-or-be-consumed society, Morgan & Morgan has put together this detailed list of every major breach in the United States since

  1. In the graphic, you will find classifications of the type of data breaches that occurred, the sector in which they occurred (private, retail, financial, etc.), information on how the hacks took place, a breakdown of the 10 largest breaches since 2005, state-by-state breakdowns of breaches that have occurred across multiple sectors, and much more.