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Nursing & Medical Assistants Worker's Compensation

Nurses often witness patients going through their worst experiences. During these difficult times, nurses are susceptible to some very rough treatment as the injured party and their concerned family members may raise their voices or say some uncharacteristically harsh things. As a nurse, ensuring patients get the care and comfort they need often requires verbal abuse as well as physical labor, stress, and fatigue.

Nurses on average are victims of workplace violence daily and often occurs so frequently that some nurses don’t recognize it as abnormal. Nurse abuse such as pinching, slapping, or kicking to worse, like beating or sexual assault, is far more common than one might think. None of these behaviors are acceptable and nurses have to protect themselves by identifying and reporting the problems as soon as they happen. Our nurse abuse lawyers are ready to help you get the compensation you deserve if you’ve suffered this type of abuse at work.

Over the years a nurse’s responsibilities have grown, as has their status in the health care system. Gone are the days where a nurse’s job was only to tend to a sick or dying patient's comfort. Nowadays, the basic most expectations for nurses include:

  • Assessing and monitoring patients.
  • Following standards of care.
  • Using equipment in a responsible manner.
  • Communicating with a patient and their family.
  • Documenting medical care.
  • Acting as a patient advocate and following the chain of command.

During the course of their daily duties, nurses come in contact with a host of potentially dangerous workplace hazards. As mentioned above, workplace abuse but add the threat of needle sticks, toxic exposure, physical hazards, psychological hazards and the stress of an understaffed hospital. A good hospital knows it can’t run without an experienced, capable nursing staff. It’s in the hospital’s best interest to protect nurses from these hazards. If and when they don’t and they fail to secure a safe workplace for their nurses, they need to find representation to see if legal action is justified.

At Morgan & Morgan, our experienced and professional nurse abuse lawyers maintain a specific skill set to manage legal claims and seek to get mistreated nurses compensation they deserve.

Contact Morgan & Morgan Now if you’re experiencing nursing abuse in your hospital. Our nurse attorneys are here and want to help you.

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