Where Do You Go When You’re Not Sure What’s Next? - Damaris

Client Story 1

It can be hard to know who to turn to when you need help.

Damaris’s life changed in an instant one day while she was driving to work. 

At first, it seemed like a typical commute. But then, out of nowhere, a black car raced up beside her and cut her off. Unfortunately, immediately after the car cut her off, it stopped short at a red light.

Damaris didn’t have any room to maneuver or any time to think. She hit the black car, and, to make matters worse, the car behind her hit Damaris. She was sandwiched between the two cars.

This was the first time Damaris had been in a car accident. She didn’t feel hurt; mostly, she was relieved that her airbags hadn’t been activated. But she wasn’t sure exactly what to do next.

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Client Story 2
Although Damaris felt physically okay after the crash, the next morning, she woke up with back and neck pain.
Client Story 2

So she made some phone calls. She called the police and then informed her job and her insurance company of what had happened.

After the accident, she tried to get back into her daily routine. But life had other plans.

Although Damaris felt physically okay after the crash, the next morning, she woke up with back and neck pain. She needed advice on what her next step should be.

Damaris called a friend who had previously been in an accident, and the friend recommended calling an attorney. Damaris’s next phone call was to Morgan & Morgan.

Suddenly, things no longer seemed so scary. “They explained everything to me and were with me every step of the way,” she says. “I felt very good about the process.”

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Damaris’s attorney ensured that she got the medical care and physical therapy that she needed. Even though she was in a tremendous amount of pain, Damaris persevered and followed her recovery instructions to the letter. And her hard work paid off.

“I can walk well. I’m able to work in my field. I can use my arms and legs.” she says. 

In addition to making sure that she received care, Damaris’s attorney handled all the other aspects of the case so that Damaris could focus solely on her recovery.“

To anyone that thinks an attorney is too expensive or thinks that they don’t have the means to get one, I would tell them that really isn’t true,” she says. She points out that she wasn’t charged any fees until her case was successfully settled. “It was very, very easy to communicate with them. It was easy to know about my case, and I’m very appreciative of them.”

No one gets up in the morning and plans to be in a car accident. It can be a scary situa-tion, especially for people who have never been in an accident before. It’s important to know who to turn to for help. That’s why we’ll always be there for our clients — because we know it’s about more than just an accident. It’s about getting their lives back.