Stockbroker Fraud

As an investor, you depend on your stockbroker to act ethically and to competently manage your money. Unfortunately, that trust isn’t always rewarded. In fact, some stockbrokers intentionally mismanage funds for their own benefit at the expense of the investors they’re supposed to help.

If you’ve suffered losses due to stockbroker fraud, Morgan & Morgan is here to help. As America’s largest plaintiffs’ firm, we have the backing and experience to take on virtually any wrongdoer.

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What Is Stockbroker Fraud?

Stockbrokers don’t always act in the best interest of their clients. Instead, they might engage in unethical or illegal behavior to profit at their expense. Stockbroker fraud is a term that encompasses a wide range of deceptive practices. They include:

  • Churning: Sometimes brokers make excessive and unnecessary trades from a client’s account for the sole purpose of generating commissions. This is referred to as churning, and is a breach of the broker’s responsibilities to the client.
  • Unauthorized Trading: If a broker makes trades in a customer’s account without their knowledge, permission, or authorization, it’s considered unauthorized trading. This might include the purchase of stocks, securities, and other financial products without the investor’s consent.
  • Misrepresentation: An investment broker might try to sell a client on a stock by making some sort of false statement or omitting information about the transaction. This is called misrepresentation and is one of the most common forms of securities fraud.
  • Overconcentration: Without a diversified portfolio, investors can face dire financial consequences. Overconcentration occurs when a stockbroker heavily invests in one class, sector, or asset type.
  • Unsuitable Investments: Stockbrokers need to have a reasonable basis for believing an investment strategy or transaction is suitable for the customer. They must consider the customer’s investment profile (e.g., financial state, reasons for investment, goals, risk tolerance) when making decisions.

The above is far from an exhaustive list. If you believe you’ve been defrauded or deceived by your stockbroker, contact our attorneys right away.

Why Hire a Morgan & Morgan Attorney?

All law firms are not the same. When you hire Morgan & Morgan, we think about you, but we also think about all those who count on you. It’s our mission to recover every penny you’re owed, no matter what it takes.

Our attorneys can review your financial statements to identify whether stockbroker fraud occurred, work alongside financial experts to identify the full scope of your losses, and represent you in your case from start to finish. We never settle for less than full and fair compensation.

What’s more, our lawyers work on a contingency, so it costs nothing to hire us and there’s no risk to you.

How Do I Get Started?

If you believe your stockbroker may have acted against your best interest, contact Morgan & Morgan. When stockbrokers violate their fiduciary duty, we fight to hold them accountable.

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