Financial Market Fraud

If you decide to invest in the stock market, you likely understand that there are risks involved. But one risk you shouldn’t have to worry about is the possibility that your investments are fraudulent. 

Unfortunately, many victims of securities fraud don’t find out the truth until it’s too late—after they have already suffered serious financial losses.

If your portfolio has recently had unexplained fluctuations, you may be a victim of financial market fraud; Morgan & Morgan can help. Our experts on securities law include the Business Trial Group, a team that can immediately stop financial misconduct and holds all responsible parties accountable for their actions. 

But with the inherent ups and downs that come with investing, it can be difficult to tell whether your losses are the result of fraud or not. It can help to learn some of the common types of investment fraud—as well as the financial criminals who may be perpetuating it. 

You can then bring your financial information and research to an attorney, who will be able to investigate and take legal action if necessary.

What Are the Most Common Types of Fraud?

While most of us are not experts in financial fraud, it helps to know some of the basics while checking your portfolio. A good rule of thumb to keep in mind is: if something doesn’t seem right, it’s worth taking a second look. 

Morgan & Morgan attorneys can help you uncover financial fraud and bring those responsible to justice. Your lawyer can research your investment records and other important evidence, looking for illegal activities such as:

  • Omission of material facts: When a company keeps important financial information from investors, it could be held liable for the losses incurred.
  • Advanced fee: Sometimes a company or individual will charge a fee in advance of a transaction, which is fraudulent and illegal.
  • Pyramid schemes: This illegal tactic entices potential investors by promising big returns in short periods of time, usually incurring big losses instead. 
  • High yield: Some fraudsters promise big returns with little or no investment—and this is always a red flag. The practice is considered high-yield investment fraud.
  • Hedge fund fraud: These products have often been sold with little or no oversight, allowing for unethical fund managers to include fraudulent investments in the funds.
  • Embezzlement: If a broker or other financial professional uses your funds for other purposes than promised, it is embezzlement—and it’s always a crime.
  • Manipulation: This is attempting to manipulate stock prices by spreading false information; in recent times, this is usually done over the internet.
  • Late day trading: It’s easier for fraudsters to make a profit on a stock if they already know the closing price. Buying or selling investments after the daily markets close is illegal, and victims are entitled to compensation.

Who Is Liable for Financial Market Fraud?

To be held liable for fraud, the court must find that the perpetrator used illegal or unethical means to influence investors. Those responsible could include the following:

  • Stockbrokers
  • Financial executives
  • Accountants
  • Broker firms
  • Securities firms
  • Investment banks

Can I Afford a Lawyer?

Securities fraud can be financially devastating. If you believe you are a victim, you may wonder if you can afford a lawyer who can take on fraudulent parties and win.

The good news is that everyone can afford to hire Morgan & Morgan. That’s because we work on a contingency basis—so you never pay a dime out-of-pocket. Your initial consultation is free and there are no costs at all unless we win your case.

Contact Morgan & Morgan

If you suspect that your financial advisor or investment bank may be engaging in fraud, you may wonder what to do next. A Morgan & Morgan lawyer can help. Our Business Trial Group includes experts that can uncover financial fraud and fight for the compensation you deserve.

When you call Morgan & Morgan, you’re not just hiring an attorney: you’re putting the strength of 800 lawyers and 3,000 team members in your corner. We have the experience, expertise, and resources to stop fraud in its tracks and help recoup your losses—restoring justice and providing much-needed financial stability.

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