Will Workers’ Compensation Offer Me a Settlement?

Will Workers’ Compensation Offer Me a Settlement?

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Will Workers’ Compensation Offer Me a Settlement?

When an employee is injured in the workplace, they have the legal right to pursue workers’ compensation benefit payments. These important earned benefits are intended to keep employees afloat while they deal with the costs and losses from their accidents or injuries. 
It can be a complicated process to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Without taking the proper steps, you may face a denial or dismissal of your claim. To avoid this possibility, it’s critical to speak with a skilled workers’ compensation attorney. 

But if you’re seeking compensation for an injury on the job, you may wonder, “Will workers’ comp offer me a settlement?”
A knowledgeable employment law attorney can assess your circumstances and help you determine the best path forward. You should not face the complex process of securing a workers’ comp settlement on your own. 
The accomplished legal professionals at Morgan & Morgan have years of experience representing the interests of injured employees. Don’t let an indifferent insurance provider or company keep the benefits that are rightfully owed to you.
Contact the offices of Morgan & Morgan for premier legal representation. Our experienced specialists will gladly provide you with a no-cost legal consultation. To arrange an initial meeting, complete the contact form on our website today.

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workplace injuries happen every day. While some accidents are inevitable wherever you work, there are industries that place workers at a higher risk of injuries.
In 2019, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics found that more than 2.8 million workplace injuries and illnesses took place in private business contexts. Every year, workplace injuries cost domestic businesses around $62 billion.
With so much money spent on injured and ill employees, it’s normal to pose a question like, “Will workers’ comp offer me a settlement?” The answer is, perhaps. But recovering the money you deserve can be more difficult than you anticipate.
Nearly every state in the country requires companies to provide workers’ compensation insurance policies. This type of insurance coverage is a no-fault policy. 
Workers’ compensation insurance plans are meant to protect employees from financial costs resulting from their accidents or injuries. These costs may include:

  • Current medical bills and expenses
  • Anticipated future medical needs
  • Lost wages from missed workdays
  • Short-term or ongoing disability benefits

When you’re applying for workers’ compensation benefits, it’s critical to speak with a legal specialist. Failing to complete the requisite forms and other common mistakes may result in claim denial.
The employer has a vital role in the workers’ compensation process. Under the law, they are required to provide the injured employee with certain information and opportunities to recover these earned benefits. 

The Workers’ Compensation Process

When an employee suffers an injury or becomes ill as a result of their working environment, they should follow certain steps. Taking the right actions will ensure the highest likelihood of recovering benefits.
When you ask yourself, “Will workers’ comp offer me a settlement?” consider whether you took the right steps following the accident.
First, it is critical to report your injury or illness to your employer as soon as possible. Failing to do so could put your workers’ comp claim in jeopardy. 
Different states have instituted various deadlines for reporting your work-related condition. These timelines range from 72 hours to two years. Typically, you must begin the process of seeking workers’ compensation benefits within 30 days of the inciting incident. 
Report your injury as quickly as you can. The longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to recover the benefits that you deserve. 
Second, make sure to seek medical care as soon as possible following your accident. This will ensure that your workers’ compensation claim is taken seriously.
In some cases, you may need to visit one of the pre-approved medical professionals chosen by your employer. If your employer instructs you to visit a specific medical facility, do so.
However, some workplace injuries require emergency medical care. If this is the case in your situation, visit the closest emergency room. In most instances, you will need to follow your state’s guidelines in selecting a medical care provider.
After you report your injury, your employer will supply you with the required forms. You will then provide the necessary information about your accident or injury.
When you have filled out these forms, your employer should submit them to their insurance provider and the state agency overseeing workers’ compensation claims. Some states require injured employees to complete an additional claim form through the workers’ compensation agency.
During this process, you may wonder “Will workers’ comp offer me a settlement?” To ensure that you receive benefits, have a skilled workers’ compensation attorney from Morgan & Morgan on board to help you with the application process. 

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Will Workers Comp Offer Me a Settlement After I File?

    After you have filed the initial paperwork for your workers’ compensation claim, the insurance company will begin an investigation into your accident. The workers’ compensation insurance provider will either approve or deny the claim.
    This decision typically takes two to four weeks. The insurance company will probably review relevant accident reports, medical records, and other evidence.

    When a Claim Is Approved

    If your claim is approved, the company will disburse the workers’ comp benefits to you. These payments are intended to make the injured employee financially whole following the expenses from their accident.
    Often, on-the-job injuries prevent employees from working and earning an income. If you’re unable to work because of your accident or injuries, workers’ compensation benefits will replace a portion of your regular wages. 
    These payments usually equal two-thirds of your regular pay and are known as “temporary total disability benefits.”

    When a Claim Is Denied

    If your claim is denied, it is crucial to consult with a lawyer to explore all your legal options. Insurers will often deny workers’ compensation claims for the following types of injuries:

    • Self-inflicted
    • Result of inappropriate behavior or fighting
    • Happened during the commute to or from work
    • Due to drug or alcohol use
    • Happened during the commission of a crime

    After a claim denial, you have the option to appeal the decision. To do so successfully, you will need to secure the services of a legal specialist.
    Negotiating a worker’s comp settlement with an insurance provider is difficult. The accomplished attorneys at Morgan & Morgan will fight tirelessly to secure the maximum possible settlement amount in your case.
    Our knowledgeable legal experts understand what it takes to secure the benefits that injured workers need. When you’re thinking, “Will workers’ comp offer me a settlement?” contact Morgan & Morgan to determine the viability of your case.

  • How Workers’ Compensation Settlements Are Reached

    Before a workers’ compensation settlement can be reached, your attorney will determine the value of your claim. The benefits that you claim should cover the costs associated with the workplace injury. 
    There are many different factors that will influence the value of your workers’ compensation settlement. Some of these factors include medical bills, lost income, disability, attorneys’ fees, and more.
    When you hire one of the workers’ compensation specialists at Morgan & Morgan, they will review your case in light of state employment regulations. It is vital to hire an attorney with a thorough understanding of the relevant laws and statutes.
    After your lawyer has accurately calculated the value of your claim, they will ardently negotiate on your behalf. It is important not to let an insurance company deny you the full amount that you are owed. 
    It sometimes takes weeks or months to successfully negotiate a workers’ compensation settlement. In some states, a judge is required to review any proposed settlement.
    In some instances, the injured worker can file a lawsuit against a third party. If another party’s negligence contributed to your accident or injuries, they may owe you compensation.
    It is usually impossible to sue your own employer for a work-related injury. Workers’ compensation insurance is intended to make these lawsuits unnecessary.
    But if another company or individual played a role in the injury that you sustained, you might be able to file suit against them. Make sure to review the facts of your case with one of the seasoned legal specialists at Morgan & Morgan.

  • How Will a Workers’ Compensation Attorney Help Me?

    The process of filing for a workers’ compensation claim can be complex. Appealing a denied claim is even more complicated.
    Injured workers should not have to manage the elements of a legal claim on their own. When you hire one of the workers’ compensation specialists at the firm of Morgan & Morgan, they will handle every element of your claim.
    Our skilled employment law attorneys will:

    • Ensure that you meet all relevant deadlines
    • Gather evidence and relevant paperwork
    • Draft and file the required documents
    • Negotiate with the insurance provider on your behalf
    • Represent you in any hearings
    • File a lawsuit against at-fault third parties

    Don’t let an unfeeling company or insurance provider withhold the earned benefits that you deserve. Contact Morgan & Morgan to speak with a knowledgeable legal representative.

  • How Are Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Compensated?

    Most trustworthy employment law attorneys are paid through contingency fees. With this approach to payment, clients never have to provide up-front costs for their claim.
    When you hire one of Morgan & Morgan’s attorneys, we will agree to a certain percentage of the recovery from your case. After we secure a workers’ comp settlement for you, the predetermined amount will be allocated to cover attorneys’ fees.
    In other words, you will not pay a single dime unless we get money for you. We don’t get paid unless you get paid.

  • Let Morgan & Morgan Represent You

    When you need the best legal representation in your workers’ compensation case, look no further than the firm of Morgan & Morgan. Our accomplished legal professionals have decades of experience representing injured employees.
    Since our firm’s founding, our team has secured more than $20 billion for our clients. Our lawyers have successfully won and settled over a million cases.
    Do not attempt to recover a workers’ compensation settlement without the help of a competent legal expert. To schedule your free consultation, fill out the easy-to-use contact form on the Morgan & Morgan website today.

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