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Does FedEx Have Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Does FedEx Have Workers' Compensation Insurance?

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Does FedEx Have Workers' Compensation Insurance?

Federal Express Corporation (also called “FedEx”) began as a one-person company in the year 1973. Since then, it has grown into a full-service corporation with business in more than 220 countries.

FedEx currently has more than 400,000 workers in its employ. The company ships letters and packages using air, ground, and freight. Its mission is to provide customers with reliable and quick service. 

But like any business, the workers at FedEx occasionally experience injuries as the result of workplace accidents. When a FedEx employee is unable to work because of an injury, they may wonder, “Does FedEx have workers’ compensation?” 

If you or someone you know has been injured while working at FedEx, do not wait. Make sure to contact an accomplished workers’ compensation attorney.  

The knowledgeable legal experts at Morgan & Morgan know what it takes to secure workers’ compensation benefits from a large corporation like FedEx. When you are wondering, “Does FedEx have workers’ comp benefits?” contact our firm. 

We know that injured workers deserve justice and often face many financial challenges. That is why we provide a no-cost and no-obligation meeting to new clients. This session can help you to understand your legal options so that you can move forward with confidence.

To arrange your free legal consultation, complete the contact form on the Morgan & Morgan website today. 

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  • Does FedEx Have Workers’ Comp Benefits?

    In the past decade or so, consumers have begun buying more products and services online. This has driven increased demand for shipping providers who can deliver packages quickly.
    Because of this, FedEx has increased its shipping services significantly. The focus on the speed that FedEx has built into its business model means that there are many opportunities for employee injury. 

    In one 15-month period, there were around 430 crashes involving FedEx drivers. Twelve of these accidents resulted in at least one fatality. 146 of the other collisions resulted in injuries. 
    Besides truck drivers, FedEx also employs thousands of workers to run their shipping warehouses. These warehouses are full of heavy machinery and other hazards. 

    Many of these employees are injured and killed across the country each year. 

    Because FedEx is such a huge corporation, they are required to provide their injured employees with benefits following work-related injuries. 

    Below, we will discuss some of the most important issues related to workers’ compensation benefits for FedEx workers.

  • Common Injuries That Lead to Workers’ Compensation Claims

    There are many different positions at FedEx company that might put workers in harm’s way. 

    Every workplace accident is unique. But there are two primary types of injuries that FedEx workers often experience. 

    The first category encompasses injuries and accidents that happen while loading and sorting packages. 

    The second type of injury typically occurs during the delivery process. These accidents may result in lifting injuries, dog bites, or traffic collisions.

    Back Injuries

    Because of the nature of the work, many FedEx employees experience back injuries. Back injury claims are very common within the FedEx company. 

    Those who “pick” packages are often hurt by lifting heavy objects. If the worker is unaware of how much the package weighs, they are at an increased risk of a back injury. 

    FedEx works to ensure that its employees move as quickly as possible. This helps them to maintain the shipping speed that their customers want. 

    However, this often results in workers lifting objects improperly. When an employee bends, lifts, or turns improperly, they may suffer a back injury.

    Forklift Injuries

    The use of heavy machinery is one of the most dangerous elements of a warehouse worker’s job. When a reckless or underqualified employee operates a forklift, they increase the risks of an accident or injury.  

    For instance, many forklift drivers have collided with other machinery or hit their coworkers. Because forklifts are so heavy, they have the potential to cause catastrophic injuries.

    Delivery Truck Injuries

    There are also many accidents that result from delivering packages after they leave the warehouse. FedEx has an enormous fleet of delivery and shipping trucks.  

    Obviously, more trucks on the roadways result in more accidents. Many delivery drivers are injured each year and find themselves wondering, “Does FedEx have workers’ compensation benefits?” 

    Not every truck driver is injured in a traffic collision. FedEx drivers are also required to leave their trucks to place packages at their destinations. 

    Sometimes, drivers can be injured while outside of their trucks. These situations can result in the following types of accidents and injuries: 

    • Slip and fallsTrip and falls
    • Dog bites and dog attacks
    • Bicycling accidents
    • Pedestrian accidents
    • Motor vehicle collisions
    • And more 

    Drivers must also lift heavy packages frequently. This puts them at risk for back and neck injuries. 

    Even if the driver is injured after delivering a package, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. If you have sustained an injury while performing your job at FedEx, reach out to the knowledgeable team at Morgan & Morgan. 

    Our firm has a roster of attorneys with decades of experience representing injured workers and employees. We will fight diligently to recover maximum compensation in your workers’ compensation claim.

  • Steps to Take When You Are Injured Working for FedEx

    No matter what type of injury you have sustained while working, it is vital to report your accident as soon as you can. You should notify your immediate supervisor. 

    Tell your supervisor about the accident and the injury that resulted from it. You may not be required to submit a formal written notice. In some cases, you can simply report an accident to a manager at FedEx verbally. 

    After reporting the accident and injury, make sure to take the following important steps to protect your rights:

    Collect Relevant Evidence

    This step applies whether you have been injured in a warehouse, store, or while making deliveries. It is vital to collect evidence and documentation about the nature of your accident or injury. 

    For instance, you should take photos of the scene of the accident. You should also collect photos of the injuries that you sustained. 

    The quicker you can take pictures, the more relevant they will be. As time goes on, it may become difficult to remember all the important details of your accident. 

    You should also speak with anyone who saw the accident take place. Witness testimony can be vital for securing the workers’ compensation benefits that you deserve.

    Seek a Medical Assessment

    After reporting your accident, seek medical care as soon as possible. Even if you believe that your injury is minor, you should never delay medical care. 

    Delaying a medical assessment may create grounds for FedEx to deny your workers’ compensation claim. Make sure to keep any medical records or documentation. 

    This paperwork will function as important evidence in your claim. Workers’ compensation insurers will often attempt to deny claims, so it is vital to keep all the evidence that is available.

    Some companies require injured workers to receive care with a pre-approved medical facility or physician. When you receive medical care, make sure to collect receipts. Common examples include receipts and bills for:

    • Ambulance rides
    • Physician’s consultations
    • Emergency room visits
    • Received medical treatments
    • Prescription medications provided in the hospital
    • Prescription medications you purchase from a pharmacy
    • And more 

    Most victims forget to collect all of the important information related to their monetary losses. Keeping receipts and invoices will help your attorney to accurately determine the value of your workers’ compensation claim.

    Save Lost Wage Reports

    Aside from saving your medical invoices and bills, make sure to keep track of the work that you miss because of the injury. Some victims do not realize that missed work is a financial cost of their injuries. 

    Also, it is helpful to take notes about your condition and health every day that you miss work. These detailed documents will help to establish your inability to work as a result of your injuries. 

    File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

    Make sure to file a claim within the statute of limitations defined by state law. The amount of time you have to file for workers’ comp benefits will depend on where you live. 

    Often, the statute of limitations on workers’ compensation claims is between one and three years. 

    Victims usually face skyrocketing financial costs after being injured at work. Because of this, it is vital to start the claims process as quickly as you can. One way to streamline the application process is to speak with a knowledgeable attorney.

    Contact a Skilled Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

    When you have been injured and are wondering, “Does FedEx have workers’ compensation?”—it is vital to seek legal help. A skilled workers’ comp lawyer will carefully review the facts of your case. 

    An attorney will build the strongest case possible for you. The lawyers at Morgan & Morgan have plenty of experience helping injured workers get the benefits that they deserve. 

  • How Do Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Get Paid?

    Most trusted workers’ compensation attorneys are paid through a contingency fee structure. With this approach, the cost of attorneys’ fees is taken out of the settlement or award resulting from the case. 

    When you hire one of the legal experts at Morgan & Morgan, you will not pay a single dime unless we get money for you. We will agree to a specific percentage of the recovered benefits from your case. 

    When we successfully win or settle your claim, the agreed-upon portion of compensation will cover the legal costs. 

  • Is It Important to Contact a Firm With Resources?

    Yes. When you are seeking a workers’ compensation claim through a large corporation, you should hire a firm with plenty of resources.  

    FedEx and its insurers may take steps to undermine or deny your claim. It is critical to have a legal expert defend your rights and fight for you.

  • Contact Morgan & Morgan to Represent You

    If you believe you have a valid workers’ compensation claim following an injury at FedEx, do not hesitate. Reach out to the accomplished team at Morgan & Morgan for the best legal representation available. 

    Since our founding, we have successfully won and settled thousands of cases. To schedule your free no-cost and no-obligation consultation, fill out the contact form on our website today.

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