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Home Easy & Shop LC Personal Heater Recalls

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Home Easy & Shop LC Personal Heater Recalls

Many people rely on personal heaters for warmth and comfort during the tough winter months, but these products are much more dangerous than people realize. Whether at work or in your bedroom, these devices are often made of lesser materials that can cause mechanical failures under the right circumstances. In fact, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) issued a recall for two electric space heaters made by the manufacturer, Home Easy and Shop LC, after reports that their products caught fire during use. No one was injured from the fires, but if the product had ignited when no one was around, it could have caused people to lose their homes and sustain thousands of dollars in property damages. 

According to the recall, Home Easy’s Geek Heat DH-QN06 and Shop LC’s personal electric space heaters are both too dangerous to use for their intended purpose, with each product having its own separate defect that causes the device to malfunction and ignite. All manufacturers are required to ensure their product’s safety before it’s sold to consumers, but it seems Home Easy and Shop LC failed somewhere during the process and never looked back. Instead, they put dangerous products into the homes of innocent people across the nation, all to bolster their profit margin and grow their business. If you have one of the previously mentioned products or any other item made by Home Easy or Shop LC in your residence, it’s best to dispose of the device and find a safer alternative that won’t jeopardize your health and property.

Product liability cases happen every day, but that doesn’t mean we, as consumers, have to stand for the consequences. Morgan & Morgan’s product liability lawyers have handled numerous claims involving products that pose a significant risk of injury to their users and have helped thousands of clients find success in their legal challenges, often resulting in multi-million dollar settlements on their behalf. We aren’t afraid of any large organization that uses its size to bully its victims into accepting their behavior; we have the resources to take a bully of any size. 

If you were injured by a Home Easy or Shop LC personal space heater or any other space heater product, contact us today for more information on how to fight back. 

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  • Can Electric Heaters Catch Fire?

    Portable electric heaters are highly powered machines that are often kept in tight spaces. If the user forgets to turn the device off before they’ve walked away, the heater will continue to draw power and can potentially overheat after extended use. Once the device ignites, the flames will spread to surrounding areas, which is especially problematic if the product is left under a desk or another location with an abundance of paper, cloth, or other flammable materials. Those who leave their space heaters on may return to the location and see flames sparking from the device or find themselves fleeing from a strong fire that’s already formed. 

    A space heater fire isn’t unique to products with defects, as any device can catch fire under the right circumstances. Despite the many benefits that portable space heaters have to offer, it’s best to use them sparingly until more robustly made products are sold in stores. You may think that you’re only leaving the product unattended for a few moments, but in reality, all it takes is a few seconds for your life to change forever. 

  • How Safe Are Small Electric Heaters?

    The recalled Home Easy products could be purchased at Airforce Exchange stores across the country and from online retailers, such as Amazon, Target, Walmart, and Wayfair, from October 2020 through January 2021. On the other hand, Shop LC’s recalled electric heaters were purchased through their Shop LC television networks on Direct TV and their online website from December 2020 through February 2021. Both of these defective products are easily accessible to any consumer, but if they do not know of the impending recall, they might have accidentally purchased a product that can potentially harm them.

    While the majority of the products you find on store shelves are safe to use for their intended purpose, others can contain defects that may cause the product to malfunction and injure its user. Home Easy and Shop LC’s products fall into the latter category, but personal heater products are all more dangerous than the standard product because of their potential to ignite after extended use. There have been numerous horror stories involving various personal heater products that have ignited after extended use or due to electrical issues, making it difficult to trust the products entirely. If you do use one of these products, you should make sure to:

    • Never leave the device unattended
    • Ensure the device is properly plugged in
    • Check the location where the wire meets the device to detect any damage
    • Check consumer safety ratings of the product before purchasing
  • Which Personal Space Heaters Are Subject to the Recall?

    The CSPC issued a recall on Home Easy’s Geek Heat DH-QN06 and Shop LC’s personal electric space heaters due to concerns about the products igniting during use. The Heat DH-QN06 product contains a defect that can cause the power switch to spark when used, whereas the Shop LC device’s defect is lesser materials, leading to overheating. Both of these products pose an elevated risk of fire within the user’s residence, and if the device ignites while they’re close by, they can walk away from the situation with serious burn injuries. No one should have to sacrifice their well-being to use a product that’s supposed to be safe for use. If you were injured by any of these products or another portable space heater brand, our attorneys can help you advocate for the severity of your harm and put you on the path towards the best possible outcome. 

    Here is a list of products that were subject to the most recent recall:

    Home Easy

    • Geek Heat DH-QN06, with the Geek Heat logo printed on the top of the heater near the vent and the model number printed on the underside of the heater. The product is sold in color white and measures 20 inches in length and 13 inches in width.

    Shop LC

    • 3666155 Set of 2 Black Personal Space Electric Heater (110V, 400W) (3.28 ft. Cord Length)
    • 3666117 Set of 2 White Personal Space Electric Heater (110V, 400W) (3.28 ft. Cord Length)
    • 3666118 White Personal Space Electric Heater (110V, 400W) (3.28 ft. Cord Length)
    • 3666119 Black Personal Space Electric Heater (110V, 400W) (3.28 ft. Cord Length)
  • Contact Morgan & Morgan’s Product Liability Attorneys

    In the most difficult moments of your life, Morgan & Morgan has your back. Home Easy and Shop LC’s failure to properly safety-check their products prior to sale isn’t your burden to bear, as all manufacturers are legally responsible for the consequences their products cause once they’re sold in stores. Their negligence placed dangerous products in the homes of innocent consumers across the nation, causing people to jeopardize their homes and wellbeing unknowingly. Our attorneys understand the gravity of the situation and can help anyone who finds themselves as a victim of this most recent product liability violation navigate through the process towards success.

    With over 800+ trial-ready attorneys, a network of team members across the nation, and the resources of a corporate giant, our firm is uniquely capable of handling any product liability claim. While the negligent organization behind the product may believe they can use their size to escape the liability of their actions, we’re here to hold them accountable, and we’re prepared to do whatever it takes to make them answer for their injustices. If you or someone you know was injured by a defective personal heater product made by Home Easy, Shop LC, or any other manufacturer, our attorneys are ready to help you advocate for the compensation you deserve. Contact us today to get started.

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