Why Leave It to the Pros at Morgan & Morgan

Why Leave It to the Pros at Morgan & Morgan

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Why Leave It to the Pros at Morgan & Morgan

Since opening our first office in 1988, Morgan & Morgan has become one of the most widely-recognized and highest-rated teams of litigators in the United States. Our more than three decades of experience have helped clients earn more than $20 billion in monetary damages from personal injury lawsuits. Morgan & Morgan litigates a wide variety of legal practices, from car accidents to civil rights cases. We work closely with our clients to ensure we represent their best interests. Many law firms are more concerned about legal fees, while the litigators at Morgan & Morgan focus our legal expertise on winning cases for clients.

The Morgan & Morgan pros work hard to negotiate favorable settlements. Instead of going straight to trial, we sit down with the other party’s attorney in an attempt to hammer out a settlement that appeals to both parties. However, if we cannot reach a favorable settlement with the other party, our team of confident litigators has no problem taking a civil case in front of a judge or jury. One of the reasons why our clients leave it to the pros at Morgan & Morgan is that they trust us to make decisions that benefit them.

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Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances.

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Results may vary depending on your particular facts and legal circumstances. Based on Select nationwide reviews

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Why Do I Need an Attorney?

    Before you contact one of the state-licensed lawyers at Morgan & Morgan, you have to decide whether you need an experienced attorney to handle your case. Not every legal issue requires the legal support of a lawyer. For example, you can contest a traffic violation and participate in the small claims court process without legal representation.

    Nonetheless, the legal matters handled by the experienced team of attorneys at Morgan & Morgan require the services of an accomplished litigator, and here are the reasons why.

    Complex Legal Principles

    Many of the cases that Morgan & Morgan pros handle involve highly complex legal principles. One prime example of this concerns a personal liability case in which you have to prove the other party committed one or more acts of negligence. Did you know that you must demonstrate the presence of four legal elements to prove negligence? A vast majority of our clients do not know the four elements of negligence and even if some of them do know, they do not know how to prove the presence of each element.

    Financial Losses

    Whether you seek monetary damages because of a car accident or you want another party to uphold its part of a business contract, not working with an experienced lawyer can cost you more money than what you pay in legal fees. Another one of the reasons why our clients leave it to the pros at Morgan & Morgan is our attorneys charge legal fees on a contingency fee basis for cases that warrant this type of fee structure. This means you pay nothing upfront and your legal counsel receives a percentage of the monetary damages awarded.

    Submit and Challenge Evidence

    Do you know what types of evidence you must present to win an insurance dispute? Have you thought about what it takes to convince a judge or jury to award you monetary damages for a product liability lawsuit? The team of lawyers assigned to your case from Morgan & Morgan knows what types of evidence to submit for a wide variety of civil lawsuits. In addition to understanding what evidence to present, a highly-skilled litigator challenges the evidence submitted by the other party.

    Submit Documents Before Deadlines

    Most of the cases that Morgan & Morgan pros handle require the submission of paperwork before certain deadlines. For instance, plaintiffs have to file a civil lawsuit before the expiration of the statute of limitations. If you want to file a claim for Social Security disability benefits, you must submit your claim before the deadline imposed by the Social Security Administration (SSA). Working with one of the litigators from Morgan & Morgan ensures you meet every filing deadline.

    Leverage Witness Statements

    Witness statements do not represent physical evidence because they simply describe what someone saw and/or heard. However, getting the support of witness accounts should boost your case in front of a judge or jury. Witnesses also play an important role in helping victims of personal injury incidents get their claims approved by an insurance company. Your legal counsel also knows what questions to ask witnesses if your case goes to the trial phase of the litigation process.

  • What Makes Morgan & Morgan a Great Law Firm?

    Why should you leave it to the Morgan & Morgan pros? After all, you have numerous options when it comes to hiring an attorney to represent you during a civil case. More than three decades of providing highly-rated legal services represent just the tip of the iceberg as to why Morgan & Morgan is considered by our clients to be a great law firm.

    Nationwide Presence

    Morgan & Morgan has more than 1,000 attorneys that are trial experienced, as well as thousands of the best legal support professionals working in offices that are located throughout the United States. Our nationwide presence is especially important for our clients that relocate from one city to another city located more than 2,000 miles away. For example, if a client wins a premise liability case while living in Orlando, Florida, the same client can work with a Morgan & Morgan lawyer if the client moves to Chicago.

    Technologically Advanced

    Litigating civil cases in the 21st century requires the most advanced technological tools. Morgan & Morgan invests millions of dollars to create a technology infrastructure that has no rival in the legal industry. Hundreds of employees, such as engineers, researchers, and scientists, have access to our state-of-the-art technological infrastructure. We have access to state court system databases to conduct research on the previous cases that our attorneys have litigated.


    The incentive for John Morgan to start Morgan & Morgan occurred when John’s brother Tim hired the wrong lawyer to represent him during a personal injury lawsuit. John Morgan built Morgan & Morgan by making it a family-run law firm, which has become one of the core values of the entire team. John’s wife Ultima works with John, as well as her sons Dan, Matt, and Mike.

    We operate on the philosophy that family comes first when we work with clients.

    A Law Firm You Can Trust

    Gaining the trust of clients can be difficult to do, particularly when it comes to cases that involve large sums of money. At Morgan & Morgan, we gain the trust of our clients by following one basic principle.

    We do what we say we are going to do.

    Morgan & Morgan litigators do not claim to be able to do things when they cannot do them. For example, if we meet with you during the free case evaluation and determine you do not have enough evidence to move forward with a claim, we will tell you that instead of promising to win your case inside a civil courtroom.

    Positive Feedback

    We encourage you to read the reviews current and former clients have left on sites such as Yelp and Google. Many of our clients mention how they developed the trust required to choose Morgan & Morgan as their legal counsel. You will read reviews that include words such as integrity and transparency. Morgan & Morgan pros also have received the highest possible reputation rating of A+ from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

    Wide Variety of Practices

    Morgan & Morgan handles a wide variety of cases. In fact, no other law firm that litigates civil cases specializes in as many different legal practices as Morgan & Morgan. Let’s assume you hire us to litigate a car accident claim. Three years after successfully representing you in the car accident case, you need the legal support of an attorney who specializes in breach of contract lawsuits. Morgan & Morgan handles a wide range of business litigation. Eight years later, you need a lawyer to help you fight a denied Social Security disability claim. An attorney from Morgan & Morgan can represent you once again.

  • How Do You Prepare for the First Meeting With a Morgan & Morgan Pro?

    Now that you know why you should leave it to the pros at Morgan & Morgan, how do you prepare for the first meeting with one of our experienced litigators? The first meeting can run between 15 minutes and more than one hour. How much time you spend with one of the Morgan & Morgan pros depends on the complexity of your case.

    First, you should write down questions to ask our lawyer. Questions to ask can regard logistical issues, such as how long it takes to reach a favorable settlement. You also should prepare questions that concern any technical legal principles that you do not understand. Morgan & Morgan focuses on presenting information that does not get bogged down in legal jargon.

    Second, you gather and organize the evidence that is associated with your case. For example, if you sustain injuries that were caused by a slip and fall, you should bring security camera footage if you slipped and fell inside of a business. For a business contract or an insurance claim dispute, you need to bring copies of the legal documents that were signed by both parties. For a car accident, a copy of the official police report should provide our attorney with enough information to determine how to move forward with your case.

    Finally, have an idea about how you want to proceed before the first meeting with one of the Morgan & Morgan pros. Although what you hear during the first meeting might change your mind about legal strategy, at least you come prepared to take a course of legal action.

  • Learn More About the Pros at Morgan & Morgan

    The first meeting called the free case evaluation provides you and one of our attorneys the opportunity to learn more about each other. You can expect to discuss different legal options, such as taking your case to trial or negotiating a favorable settlement. The sooner you schedule a free case evaluation, the faster the team of Morgan & Morgan pros can get started on your case.

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