What Is the Largest Settlement Recovered by Morgan & Morgan?

What Is the Largest Settlement Recovered by Morgan & Morgan?

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What Is the Largest Settlement Recovered by Morgan & Morgan?

Morgan & Morgan attorneys have a track record of fighting tirelessly on behalf of their clients—a priceless work ethic for victims of serious personal injury accidents. If you or someone you love has suffered due to the negligence of another party, you deserve to have a dedicated and experienced legal team on your side. 

Many people choose to work with Morgan & Morgan because they have a track record of successful recovery on behalf of their clients. This includes settlements achieved outside of court, as well as successful verdicts within court, and case types ranging from class action lawsuits to individual settlements and individual lawsuits.

Morgan & Morgan has extensive experience in recovering over $20 billion on behalf of their clients, including class action lawsuits that have totaled up to $1.85 billion. The firm proudly shares details about their verdicts, and these victories let opposing counsel know who they’re dealing with. 

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Get answers to commonly asked questions about our legal services and learn how we may assist you with your case.

  • Why Do So Many People Choose Morgan & Morgan?

    When going forward with any type of individual or class action lawsuit, who you choose to hire as legal representation can have an important impact on the outcome of your case. This makes it essential to think about who you are working with and how you intend to hire them. Your legal counsel can evaluate the case at a broad level but can also rely on firm resources and team members to help accomplish the goals of your case. With so much at stake and so many things to consider, you deserve to have the experienced representation of professional lawyers who have been working in this field for many years and are backed by the resources of the largest legal firm in the country. Morgan & Morgan has an extensive track record in car accidents, construction defects, insurance claim disputes, and so much more for personal injury claims, as well as cases involving premise liability and many other kinds of cases.

    The Morgan & Morgan team is respected not just in individual states and local communities but across the country because of their substantial settlements received. Many people are curious about the largest settlement ever from Morgan & Morgan, and these settlements are in the $1 billion plus mark. The firm works hard to give their clients details early on in the case about the likelihood of recovering compensation. This can help someone to better understand whether or not a fair settlement offer has been presented so that the affected party can decide whether or not to accept it and move on with their life, or to continue to fight through trial.

    The Morgan & Morgan lawyers have a strong track record of taking on difficult cases and helping to represent each victim's best interest from the beginning to the end. Consulting with an attorney early on can give you an honest appraisal of your case, help you decide when it makes sense to continue past a settlement offer, and work towards something more in line with your individual needs and goals. In many cases, the compensation received from a personal injury, premises liability, other medical malpractice, or other type of fault lawsuit can have significant repercussions for the remainder of your life. Your attorney can help you to factor all of these variables into your legal strategy.

  • What Is the Settlement Process?

    Many personal injury claims are resolved outside of court in a process known as a settlement. In this situation, both parties have information about how the victim's life has been changed and will review relevant documents before moving on to initial conversations. The insurance company, for example, might come forward to the affected party and tell them that they have a settlement offer. At that point, this settlement offer is usually presented to the lawyer for the victim. Then the victim has the opportunity to review the offer and decide whether or not to accept it.

    A settlement offer that is presented by the other side does not need to be accepted. And in fact, it can be negotiated. Attorneys who have a strong background in this area of the law will be able to help you to determine whether or not the offer presented by the insurance company is indeed fair and whether it is likely to cover your future medical bills and other expenses from the accident. This is what makes it so important to work directly with an experienced team because there are so many different things to think about in the wake of moving forward with a settlement offer. The support of a lawyer can be instrumental in making timely and good decisions about what happens with your case and to help you avoid many of the common challenges that most people face when going forward with lawsuits like this.

  • Why Do Settlements Matter? 

    Settlements can be important because they can help you avoid going through an entire trial. Not every personal injury or workers’ compensation case can be effectively closed out by a settlement, but it is always worth exploring this option when you are entering a new case. Your lawyer can help tell you more about how all settlements typically work, but when a settlement offer is presented by the other side, your lawyer will bring it to you for review. In other words, it’s ultimately your decision. You can then compare this offer against any damages you have already faced on your end. When you are determining whether or not a settlement is the right offer, you and your lawyer will consider the uncertainties of going to trial, and your attorney can speak from their experience about whether or not it is in your best interest to possibly accept the settlement now or to wait and take your chances in court. 

    Some people prefer the certainty and quickness of accepting a settlement offer that allows them to close out this matter in full, whereas others may believe that the settlement offer given to them is far too low for the injuries they have sustained. Your lawyer can tell you more about what to expect if you decide to move forward with going to court. Bear in mind that if you sign a settlement offer, it is standard procedure to include verbiage that you will not pursue any further legal claims regarding this injury. 

  • How Do I Choose the Right Law Firm for My Legal Case?

    The Morgan & Morgan team works hard on behalf of clients to help identify goals at the outset of a case, and then builds a legal strategy around that entire process. This makes it one of the leading reasons why they have earned such a reputation and why many other legal teams wish to make settlement offers early on when they are up against Morgan & Morgan. 

    The firm's attorneys work hard to prepare all cases to go to trial, if necessary, from the outset of developing a legal strategy. This gives victims and clients a peace of mind that their attorney is doing everything possible on their behalf to protect their rights and to give them a good opportunity to recover compensation so that they can move on after this devastating situation. 

    No one should have to go through the process of learning all about this area of the law because another person was reckless or negligent. But if this has happened to you or a loved one, you need to consult with a lawyer as soon as possible.

  • When Should I Hire a Lawyer? 

    If you have sustained serious injuries that have made it difficult for you to go back to work or to live your life as you did prior to the accident, you should share this information with an experienced and dedicated lawyer as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the less you have a chance of getting full and fair compensation. 

    Meeting with a lawyer does not require you to hire them at that time, but it does give you a chance to talk through many of your concerns and to get a roadmap for possible next steps. 

    Settlements and verdicts in the past are important when evaluating legal counsel because they help you to see how the legal team responds to various situations. While all lawyers have the potential to succeed in a case, it takes a team of attorneys with a great deal of experience to know when it’s right to keep fighting and when the potential to get more for their clients is on the line. The team at Morgan & Morgan don’t just have one major verdict or settlement to share—they have dozens. That’s because of years invested in doing the right thing for their clients and taking each individual case as an opportunity to fight and advocate for personal injury victims. In any legal case, you have a lot on the line, and knowing that you have support from the right attorneys can make a big difference. 

    If you’re ready to get legal help from a team who takes your case and perspective seriously, now is the time to contact the dedicated team at Morgan & Morgan.

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