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Tepezza Cost

If you have been diagnosed with thyroid eye disease (TED), securing medical treatment is critical, especially since the symptoms of TED can be devastating for patients. 

One of the most prevalent medications to treat TED is Tepezza. This intravenous drug has been developed to prevent the common signs and symptoms of TED in patients.

However, there are numerous side effects associated with the use of Tepezza. Many patients are concerned about these unintended consequences, as well as how much Tepezza costs. 

If you or someone you love has experienced negative side effects while using this drug, reach out to a legal professional. You may be owed significant compensation for the associated Tepezza costs and losses you have sustained. 

The accomplished legal team at Morgan & Morgan is ready to fight for the money you deserve. Do not allow a negligent pharmaceutical company or medical professional to go unaccountable after causing you harm. 

For over 35 years, our firm has fought and won compensation for accident and injury victims across the United States. Our attorneys know what it takes to hold large pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions accountable.  

Complete the simple contact form on the Morgan and Morgan website to explore your legal options today. Our friendly associates will gladly schedule a free case evaluation to discuss the facts of your Tepezza-related claim.

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  • What Is Thyroid Eye Disease?

    Thyroid eye disease is also known as Graves’ ophthalmopathy. This medical condition is an autoimmune disorder affecting the eyes. 

    The disease is often associated with an overactive thyroid gland, also called hyperthyroidism. But this condition can also occur in people with normal or underactive thyroid function. 

    Patients develop TED when the immune system attacks the muscles and other tissues around the eyes. This immune system reaction can cause inflammation and swelling.  

    Some of the most common symptoms of thyroid eye disease include the following:

    Bulging Eyes

    The muscles and fat behind the eyes become inflamed with TED. This swelling causes the eyes to push forward and gives them a protruding appearance.

    Redness of the Eyes

    The inflammation of tissue can cause the patient’s eyes to become red and swollen.

    Severe Eye Pain

    The swelling and inflammation can cause pain. Many TED patients report feeling pain and discomfort when moving their eyes.

    Double Vision

    The swelling can also affect the nerves that control eye movement. Damage to or pressure on these nerves can cause double vision and difficulty focusing.

    Dry Eyes

    The inflammation can affect the tear glands as well. This symptom can lead to eyes feeling dry, gritty, and uncomfortable.

    Sensitivity to Light

    As a result of TED, the eyes may be more sensitive than usual to light. The person may feel severe discomfort when their environment is too bright.

    Eyelid Retraction

    The muscles that control the eyelids can be affected by TED, which can result in the eyelids retracting and exposing more of the eyeballs.

    Vision Loss

    In extreme cases, the swelling and inflammation from TED can cause the patient to experience permanent damage to the optic nerve. If untreated, this can cause lifelong vision loss. 

    The severity of TED symptoms can vary widely from person to person and may fluctuate over time. Some individuals only experience mild symptoms.  

    Others develop significant eye problems that require immediate treatment. If you suspect that you have thyroid eye disease, make sure to seek medical attention promptly to prevent long-lasting issues or vision loss. 

    While Tepezza is one common treatment for this condition, many victims experience side effects, leading to unexpected Tepezza costs and losses. If you are in this position, reach out to America’s largest injury law firm, Morgan & Morgan.

  • What Are Common Treatment Strategies for TED?

    The course of action following a TED diagnosis will depend on the severity of the symptoms. Some physicians may decide to employ a combination of different approaches. Some of the typical approaches to treating TED are:


    In mild cases of TED, the care provider may recommend observation without any specific treatment. Symptoms sometimes improve on their own. However, you should only forego treatment if a physician recommends this approach.


    Certain medications can help reduce inflammation, decrease swelling, and relieve pain and discomfort. Prescription medication can also manage thyroid hormone levels.  

    Medications may include corticosteroids, immunosuppressive drugs, and beta blockers. The active ingredient in Tepezza is teprotumumab. This compound is a monoclonal antibody that targets the insulin-like growth factor 1 receptor (IGF-1R), which is thought to cause the inflammation and swelling that occur in TED patients.

    Eye Drops

    Lubricating eye drops can help relieve dry eyes. This treatment can also prevent corneal damage. 

    Surgical Intervention

    Surgery may be required in cases with significant eye bulging or double vision, especially if the patient’s condition does not respond to other types of treatment.  

    Surgical intervention may involve removing some of the bone around the eye to allow it to return to its natural position. Surgeries to reposition the muscles that control eye movement are also a possibility.

    Radiation Therapy 

    Although this approach is rare, doctors may use radiation therapy to reduce inflammation in the tissues near the eye.

    Healthy Lifestyle Choices

    Making lifestyle changes can sometimes help improve the symptoms of TED. These lifestyle changes may include: 

    • Decreasing stress
    • Maintaining a healthy weight
    • Quitting smoking or excessive drinking

    Not all TED patients require treatment. The approach to treatment should be specific to the patient based on their circumstances.  

    The severity of symptoms and underlying medical conditions will determine the appropriate treatment. TED patients should consult with an experienced healthcare professional to determine the most appropriate course of action. 

    However, if you have experienced significant Tepezza costs as a result of your TED treatment, you may have legal recourse. Many victims are eligible for financial compensation in the wake of financial and personal losses caused by another party’s negligence. 

    How Much Does Tepezza Cost?

    Tepezza is administered to patients intravenously. Usually, medical providers dispense the drug in a sequence of eight infusions over a 24-week period.  

    The drug is intended to improve eye bulging, eye pain, and double vision in patients with active TED. This medication is not appropriate for all patients with TED and should be prescribed and monitored by a healthcare professional experienced in the management of the condition. 

    Typically, a single 500 mg injection of Tepezza costs around $16,300. The patient’s health insurance coverage will influence the out-of-pocket cost of the drug.

  • What Are Possible Tepezza Side Effects?

    Tepezza is well-tolerated by many patients. However, it can cause unwanted side effects.  

    Some of the most common side effects of Tepezza treatment are: 

    • Fatigue
    • Nausea
    • Diarrhea
    • Headache
    • Muscle spasms

    Patients who experience any unusual symptoms or side effects should contact their healthcare provider immediately. While the side effects listed above are relatively minor, the drug can also cause serious and severe medical problems. 

    When this happens, victims of Tepezza side effects may have a claim for financial damages. Patients should be able to feel secure that the medications they are prescribed are safe and effective.  

    Examples of the severe side effects of Tepezza treatment include:

    Severe Infusion Reactions

    Some patients have reported severe allergic reactions during or after the infusion process. This type of reaction can cause dangerous side effects, such as: 

    • Chest tightness
    • Difficulty breathing
    • Swelling of the facial tissue
    • Swelling in the lips, tongue, and throat  

    Allergic reactions to Tepezza can be life-threatening. Those who experience these side effects should seek immediate medical attention.

    Blood Clots

    Tepezza can increase the risk of blood clots in patients. Blood clots can result in deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or pulmonary embolism (PE).  

    Those with a history of blood clots or who are at increased risk for blood clots should be monitored closely during Tepezza treatment. Blood clots can be life-threatening or result in lifelong medical issues.

    Worsening or Development of Diabetes

    This TED medication can cause an increase in blood sugar levels. In some patients, it may worsen or trigger diabetes. TED patients with existing diabetes should have their blood sugar levels closely monitored while using Tepezza.

    Liver Injury

    The use of Tepezza has been associated with significant liver damage, which can result in jaundice or severe abdominal pain. Liver function tests should be monitored, and patients should seek care if they develop liver-related problems.

    Myopathy and Rhabdomyolysis 

    These two muscle-related conditions have been reported in patients treated with Tepezza. 

    Rhabdomyolysis, in particular, is potentially life-threatening and occurs when muscle fibers break down. This deterioration releases a protein called myoglobin into the patient’s bloodstream.

    Symptoms of these conditions include:

    • Pain in muscle tissue
    • Muscle weakness
    • Dark urine

    Patients who develop symptoms of rhabdomyolysis should secure a medical assessment as soon as possible.

  • What Damages Are Available in a Tepezza-Related Legal Claim?

    The damages available to victims of Tepezza side effects will depend on the specific facts of each case. Some of the relevant factors include: 

    • The nature of the harm
    • The evidence available
    • The identity of the at-fault party
    • The skill of the plaintiff’s legal representative 

    With the help of an accomplished Morgan & Morgan attorney, claimants in these cases may be able to recover financial damages to compensate for the following losses: 

    • Emotional turmoil
    • Pain and suffering
    • Medical bills and debt
    • Lost wages and income
    • Anxiety and depression
    • Decreased quality of life
    • Permanent loss of earning ability
    • Temporary or permanent disability
    • Expected future medical care costs

    A skilled attorney at Morgan and Morgan will calculate the total value of your claim. You should not settle for anything less than the compensation to which you are entitled.

  • What Is the Upfront Cost of Legal Representation?

    Trustworthy tort attorneys are not paid unless they successfully win or settle your case. This approach to attorneys’ fees is called “contingency.” 

    When you hire our firm, we will represent you in exchange for a percentage of the financial recovery we obtain for you. In other words, you will pay nothing unless we secure a positive outcome in your Tepezza case.  

    This method of payment allows all victims of negligence to seek justice with the help of America’s largest tort law firm. Our lawyers only get paid if you do.

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    Schedule a free case evaluation by filling out our online contact form today. Let our premier legal professionals help you get the compensation you deserve.

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