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Where Can I Find Lawyers for a Money Dispute?

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Where Can I Find Lawyers for a Money Dispute?

If you lost money because of someone else, you may need to speak with a lawyer who understands how to manage these kinds of conflicts. In any situation where there is money on the line, you must balance your possible recovery with the costs and time spent in court. This assessment is something that an experienced lawyer can assist you with, and it is strongly advised to work with such an attorney if your situation involves a significantly large amount of money (and therefore a significantly higher stake). 

Basics of Money Disputes 

Money disputes can happen in a variety of different ways and some of these may prompt you to contact an experienced and dedicated lawyer. A lawyer for a money dispute can help you to identify your rights to pursue a legal claim against someone else who owes you money or has caused you damages and left you with the consequences. 

A lawyer in this situation can also help to prepare important communication that goes to any other party involved in this situation. This is because when hiring lawyers for money disputes, it is not always the end game that you'll wind up in litigation. In many cases, lawyers for money disputes are highly experienced in preparing things for negotiation or consultations outside of court. 

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  • Do I Really Need a Lawyer? 

    One of the most important considerations when seeking to hire lawyers for a money dispute is the amount of money in question. This is because there are specific courts in each state that are aligned with helping people to resolve small matters. These are known as small claims courts, and each court has very specific rules about what kinds of cases typically end up there. 

    Small claims court enables anyone to bring a civil case in front of a local judge in the event that the amount of money in contention is under a certain number. This can often give a very fast resolution but is not recommended for more complex disputes. More complex disputes or those disputes that involve a significant amount of money should always be handled by an experienced lawyer. 

    The kind of attorney that you hire for a money dispute will depend on the facts of the case. For example, if you were seriously injured in a vehicle accident and had been unsuccessful in recovering compensation from your insurance company, you would seek to hire a personal injury lawyer to resolve this money dispute. If you have a business partner who has breached the contract and you need to dissolve the company as a result, you should communicate with a business litigation lawyer to help you to resolve that situation. If you decide not to hire an attorney for small claims court, you are usually able to keep your costs under $200. If you are a legal adult, you are eligible to go to court, and this is not just for individuals, since businesses can often handle minor issues in small claims court too if their state allows it. 

  • Do I Have to Go to Small Claims Court? 

    The state that you live in determines the amount of money that you ask for in your case and whether or not you are eligible to go to small claims court. For example, this amount is $2,500 in Kentucky, but it's as high as $25,000 in Tennessee. The vast majority of states have numbers in the middle of these two amounts. Some cases that are handled in small claims court are very simple disputes and sometimes may simply involve the application of clear state laws. 

    The vast majority of small claims court cases involve when you are suing someone else for things like unpaid bills, illegal eviction notices, neighbor disputes, gym contract disputes, a landlord failing to return a security deposit, overcharges for faulty work or car repairs, pet disputes, or sales in which money was not received or property was not received. However, if you have a more extensive financial dispute, you may need to consult with an experienced and knowledgeable lawyer to help you understand your legal standing for grounds in these cases and to better understand the next steps you are eligible to take. Hiring a dedicated attorney can greatly increase your chances of financial recovery when you have more than a certain amount of money at stake.

  • What Is the Legal Definition of Owing Money? 

    In order to think about filing a lawsuit or starting that process, you need to have a clear idea of your legal argument for pursuing this money in court. That might mean finding a lawyer for a money dispute to help you with that aspect of your case. It can give you peace of mind knowing that you talked to a lawyer who is familiar with some of the issues involved. 

    Before deciding if you should contact a lawyer for a money dispute, you need to understand the legal guidelines when it comes to suing someone for money that is owed. Of course, you wouldn't be able to gift someone money and then one day argue that you want it back, or loan someone money but never tell them that you expect to be paid back and then sue them in court. In a legal sense, owing money typically comes down to a couple of different things, including:

    • Clear expectations that you are making alone or that you are paying for a service or product. 
    • A clarity that both sides understand there is a legal duty or exchange involved. 
    • A statement that the payment date has passed or arrived. 
    • Some digital or physical record of the money spent, owed, or given. 

    In most cases this will be documented in a clear contract for money owed, personal property lent, or money loaned. Other documents can include money transfer receipts, texts, emails, bank account transfer history, and more. You may also be suing someone in an effort to recover debt collection. You may attempt to try other methods of debt collection first, starting with a demand letter. The demand letter is asking for the money in writing so that there is a clear record that you believe the money is owed to you and a statement that the other person has not yet paid it to you. 

    This is a good first step in attempting to recover money, but it is often unsuccessful because there is no legal obligation for someone to pay you simply because they have received this amount. You may wish to consider hiring a lawyer for money disputes at this point in time, especially if the amount of potential financial recovery in court is significant. Hiring an experienced and dedicated lawyer can make a big impact on the outcome of your case and it also shows the other side that you are serious. Even if you do not ultimately end up in trial, you may be able to increase your chances of settling or negotiating outside of court and recovering the money that is owed to you simply because the other party does not want to go to court. If you hire a lawyer for a money dispute and things are moving towards a court date, here are some steps in the process to be aware of: 

    • File your complaint and pay any necessary filing fees while submitting documentation the case requires. If you hire an experienced lawyer for a money dispute, they will handle this. 
    • The money that you spend to file the case may also go towards service, meaning that the defendant receives official notice that they have been named in a lawsuit because they are being sued by you. 
    • A court hearing will be scheduled which you should plan to attend. It is typically only 15 minutes long and if you have an experienced lawyer for a money dispute with you, they will attend. Showing all of your documents and providing evidence that the other person owes you money or has ignored or refused to pay you leads to a final ruling. If you are successful, you will be able to collect the debt. There are a couple of different methods available to you to attempt to collect on a debt, including getting a lien on their property, wage garnishments, or following any kinds of judgments from a judge. 

    To best prepare yourself for this situation, set aside time to work with an experienced and dedicated attorney.

  • What Should I Look for in a Lawyer?

    When trying to find an attorney, you need to locate someone who has extensive experience in pursuing claims on behalf of a party who has been wronged. At Morgan & Morgan, our attorneys have a well-known track record for fighting “For the People,” who have suffered financially because of another person. Contact us today to learn more and to receive a free, no-obligation case evaluation. We’re here to help.

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