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Car Accident Lawyer in Anchorage

Car Accident Lawyer in Anchorage

As the least populated state at 1.3 persons per square mile, one would think that Alaska doesn’t have a problem with car accidents. However, the state experiences an influx of tourists every year, with most of the tourists arriving between April and October. In fact, Anchorage, which is the largest city in Alaska, reported 17 fatalities as a result of a vehicle collision in 2020. As the population has increased over the past decade, the number of auto crashes has increased as well. Because of the increase in the number of car accidents and the number of fatalities associated with vehicle collisions, Anchorage residents should know how to respond to one of life’s most unpleasant events.

The steps that you take after a car accident is an influential factor in determining whether you receive compensation for medical bills and property damage. The first step involves calling 911 to activate the closest emergency response team. On average, emergency responders take 8.2 minutes to respond to a vehicle collision. The more than eight minutes of wait time allows you and other victims to move their vehicles off the road and find a safe place. After the emergency responders arrive, you should seek medical care to treat any injuries. Even if you feel healthy, you should eventually visit with a healthcare provider to ensure you have not sustained any injuries that develop delayed symptoms.

After you take care of the first two important steps, the time has come to contact a car accident lawyer in Anchorage. An experienced personal injury attorney who specializes in handling car accident cases conducts a thorough investigation, which includes gathering physical evidence and interviewing witnesses. Your car accident lawyer in Anchorage also helps you file a persuasive insurance claim, and if warranted, a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages. If you do not hire an attorney to help you file an insurance claim, the adjuster might deny a valid claim or approve a claim for a value that is far below the value that you deserve in compensation.

Since 1988, Morgan and Morgan has represented clients from all over the United States for a wide variety of personal injury cases. Our work for more than 35 years has helped our clients receive $20 billion in compensation, with a substantial percentage of the compensation coming from favorable car accident settlements and legal judgments. The personal injury attorneys at Morgan and Morgan display an unsurpassed level of compassion and empathy for car accident victims, which helps our clients get through the highly difficult recovery process.

Schedule a free case evaluation today with a car accident lawyer in Anchorage from Morgan and Morgan to determine the best course of action.

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  • What Are the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents?

    Because of the wild swings in the weather of Anchorage, Mother Nature causes a considerable number of motor vehicle collisions. From snow storms rolling in unexpectedly from the mountains to sudden deluges that trigger flash floods, weather is one of the most common causes of car accidents not only in Anchorage but also throughout Alaska. However, you cannot sue Mother Nature for negligence, which means we should focus on the following three most common causes of auto crashes.

    Reckless Driving

    Although car safety features have achieved a high level of technological advancement, that does mean drivers have become safer operators of motor vehicles. In fact, reckless driving remains the most common cause of car accidents. Traveling above the speed limit reduces the amount of time a motorist has to react to sudden changes in road and traffic conditions. Speeding also exacerbates the violent impact of two vehicles crashing into each other. Because of the large number of two-lane roads and highways in Anchorage, passing another vehicle in a no-passing lane is a common and dangerous operating maneuver.

    Proving reckless driving caused a car accident requires the footage captured by a traffic and/or security camera. Witness accounts can help as well.

    Driving Under the Influence

    Alcohol and/or drugs played a role in causing nearly half of the vehicle collision fatalities in Anchorage during 2020. Driving under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol impairs the judgment of drivers. For example, an impaired motorist is more likely to take risks, such as passing another vehicle in a no-passing zone. Impaired drivers also tend to speed more often than drivers operating a motor vehicle while sober. Alcohol or drugs increase the time it takes impaired motorists to address sudden changes in weather conditions.

    Your car accident lawyer in Anchorage from Morgan and Morgan reviews the results of sobriety and blood alcohol content (BAC) tests to determine whether to file a personal injury lawsuit against another driver.


    Anchorage, as well as areas outside of Alaska’s largest city, present some of the more picturesque views found in the United States. Breathtaking views of mountain ranges and the movement of wildlife can divert the attention of a motorist. The result of the distraction can be failing to signal, as well as veering into another lane. Distractions also include texting and driving, although illegal in Alaska, and continue to be a common safety violation committed by motorists. Alaska makes texting and driving a Class A misdemeanor, with punishment including up to one year in prison and/or a fine of up to $10,000 for the first offense.

  • How Does a Car Accident Lawyer in Anchorage Prove Negligence?

    Filing an insurance claim is just one option for you to recover the financial losses associated with a motor vehicle collision. You also have the right to file a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages. However, you have to prove the presence of the four elements of negligence to file a successful personal injury lawsuit.

    Duty of Care

    The duty of care doctrine states one party owes a duty to ensure the safety of a second party. For example, the manufacturer of a children’s toy must design and construct the toy in a manner that does pose any threats to a child who plays with the toy. For car accidents, motorists owe other drivers and passengers, as well as bicyclists and pedestrians, a duty of care to operate their motor vehicles safely to prevent harming other parties.

    Breaching the Duty of Care Doctrine

    Proving the presence of the second element of negligence requires your car accident lawyer in Anchorage to collect and organize convincing physical evidence. Photos of the accident scene and video captured by a traffic camera can help your attorney show another party breached the duty of care doctrine. The official law enforcement report also contains information that helps your car accident lawyer in Anchorage determine whether another party committed one or more acts that caused you harm.

    Caused Your Injuries

    Your attorney from Morgan and Morgan must establish a direct connection between another party breaching the duty of care doctrine and the breach causing your injuries. The other party’s attorney might claim you sustained your injuries from another event, such as working on a home improvement project. The key to proving causation requires your car accident lawyer in Anchorage, Alaska to submit copies of medical bills and records, such as the results of diagnostic tests and the expenses associated with a treatment program.

    Financial Losses

    Copies of medical bills also come in handy when the time comes to prove the fourth element of negligence. Your attorney must show the court that your injuries generated financial losses in the form of medical bills. If you missed time from work because of your injuries, you also should submit copies of bank statements and timekeeping records.

  • What Is the Statute of Limitations for Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit in Alaska?

    You can prove the presence of the four elements of negligence and still not receive just compensation if you fail to file a personal injury lawsuit before the expiration of the statute of limitations. Each state has established a deadline for filing a personal injury lawsuit, with most states setting the deadline between two and four years. You should know that you might one day move to a state that has established a statute of limitations as long as six years or as short as one year. Alaska grants plaintiffs two years to take legal action, with the clock starting to tick on the date of the motor vehicle collision. You might receive an extension if you show the judge hearing your case you sustained one or more injuries that developed delayed symptoms.

    Two years is more than enough time to take legal action, but you should not wait to file a civil lawsuit that seeks monetary damages. If you do not receive compensation in a timely manner, you might fall into a deep financial hole due to rapidly rising medical bills. Unless you set up a plan for your healthcare providers to place medical liens on compensation, you must pay your healthcare bills as they come due. Another reason to take swift legal action concerns the information submitted by witnesses. Witness accounts tend to be much more accurate the closer they are given to the date of a personal injury incident.

    If you fail to file a personal injury lawsuit before the expiration of the statute of limitations, the court clerk processing your claim has the power to dismiss it.

  • How Do I Find the Right Attorney?

    The criteria used to search for the best car accident lawyer in Anchorage starts with experience, which is much more than the number of years an attorney has practiced law. You should consider lawyers who have compiled a long-term, proven record of success in getting clients the compensation they deserve. Review the results achieved by the personal injury attorneys at Morgan and Morgan to discover what defines a long-term proven record of success.

    Another factor to consider when searching for a car accident lawyer in Anchorage concerns practice specialty. Car accident cases require the acquisition of different types of physical evidence than the physical evidence obtained for medical malpractice and slip and fall cases. A car accident attorney also understands how to negotiate a settlement with your auto insurance company, which involves submitting a reasonable value for compensation,

    Hiring a car accident lawyer in Anchorage who is a responsible communicator and works your case from start to finish also is important for finding the best attorney. Schedule a free case evaluation with Morgan and Morgan today to take your first step toward the compensation that you deserve.

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