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Whether you are a parent with a child in school or a student in college, you expect the best education for your child or yourself. Sometimes, discrimination and other acts of misconduct hamper a student’s rights to a quality education. Having the right law firm on your side can make all the difference. Morgan & Morgan cares deeply about fairness and has been fighting for the rights of victims for more than 30 years. Don’t go through this alone – fill out this form for a free case evaluation.

Duties of education attorneys

An education attorney ensures a student receives a quality education regardless of the wrongdoing of teachers, other students, and administrators. Some functions of an education lawyer include:

  • Ensure the student is safe while getting an education
  • Ensure that the student is not subjected to improper discipline
  • Ensure that the student’s civil rights are not violated
  • Provide assistance with education reform
  • Monitor school governance, including student records, school rules and regulations, and employment matters
  • Handle special education issues, such as a child not receiving an appropriate education for the student’s abilities. For example, the school may not be accommodating your child’s needs — or your needs, if you’re in college — by not providing changes and equipment.

Some examples of issues that you may have with the school include discrimination by a staff member, wrongful expulsion or suspension, or overbearing regulations.

Working with an education lawyer

Depending on the circumstances, an education attorney may be able to negotiate a fair settlement for your issue. If not, the attorney will prepare the case for trial. When you want to change a rule or regulation, it’s better if many others in the community also want to change the same rule or regulation. You must also be able to show that the change is necessary to better the education of students.

If you are trying to repeal an expulsion or suspension, you will need to demonstrate the suspension or expulsion is unreasonable. Otherwise, the school’s decision will stand. It’s easier to show unreasonableness if the child had good reason for not doing schoolwork, for example, than taking part in a fight.

As with any other type of case, your outcome depends on the facts and circumstances of the case. However, if the school is found to be in the wrong, you’ll receive compensation.

Contact education attorneys at Morgan & Morgan

If you have issues with how a school is treating you or your child, contact the Morgan & Morgan law firm. All law firms are not the same. When choosing who to hire, it’s a good idea to ask family and friends. Morgan & Morgan receives thousands of referrals from other lawyers, doctors, and even judges. Our proven track record and more than 30 years of experience means you’ll get the best service possible.

Schools often have formidable legal representation to contend with. With more than 400 attorneys and billions of dollars recovered, we have the resources necessary to fight for your rights. And, we never charge by the hour – you only pay us if we win. Discover what we can do for you today by filling out this form for a free case evaluation.

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