BEHR DeckOver Lawsuit

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Our attorneys are investigating claims that BEHR DeckOver, a resurfacer coating for wood and concrete decks, may be defective. BEHR DeckOver allegedly peels, chips, and bubbles just months after application, resulting in costly repairs and potential deck damage.

If you’ve experienced similar problems with your deck after using BEHR DeckOver, contact our attorneys today. You may be able to participate in a class action lawsuit and recover compensation.

What is BEHR DeckOver?

BEHR DeckOver is an acrylic resurfacing coating for wood and concrete material decks manufactured by Behr, an exterior wood care product supplier. DeckOver is supposed to revitalize weathered decks by creating a smooth finish that conceals and fills small cracks and splinters in the wood or concrete, extending the life of a deck.

What Are The Reported Problems with BEHR DeckOver?

Although BEHR advertises their DeckOver as a durable deck coating product that “resists cracking and peeling,” some consumers allege that the coating began to degrade soon after the product was applied. Some issues with BEHR DeckOver that consumers have reported soon after using the product include:

  • Peeling
  • Cracking
  • Bubbling
  • Flaking
  • Cracking
  • Chipping

This premature degradation of the DeckOver coating has reportedly led to expensive deck repair for numerous consumers who used the product. At best, removing the peeling DeckOver coating can be a costly hassle, and at worst, the faulty DeckOver coating can let moisture into the deck, causing rot and damage.

What Do I Do If I Have BEHR DeckOver Products?

If you have purchased any BEHR DeckOver products, hold onto your proof of purchase, including the receipt and the can the DeckOver product came in, if possible. Be sure to also photograph any instances of cracking, bubbling, or peeling that occurred after applying BEHR DeckOver. This information could be important if you choose to pursue a class action lawsuit.

What Can I Collect in a Lawsuit?

If you have used BEHR DeckOver and have dealt with premature deck peeling, cracking or bubbling as a result, our attorneys would like to hear from you. You may be able to recover compensation for out-of-pocket expenses to remove the peeling DeckOver resurfacer, as well as compensation for any deck repair or replacement caused by Behr’s product.

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