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The employment attorneys of Morgan & Morgan’s Business Trial Group are dedicated to achieving the maximum recovery for our clients. We have recovered millions of dollars for employees who have been wrongfully denied compensation, as well as businesses with claims regarding contractual disputes or unfair competition.

We represent our employment litigation clients on a contingency-fee basis, so our primary incentive is to obtain the highest possible recovery for you. The Business Trial Group’s employment attorneys are committed to protecting the rights of small businesses and workers.

If you believe you have a claim arising from an employment dispute, the Business Trial Group may be able to help. We handle employment claims on a contingency-fee basis, which means you do not have to pay attorneys’ fees unless we obtain a recovery in your case.

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Types of Employment Cases Our Attorneys Handle

The Business Trial Group’s attorneys are experienced at handling employment cases on behalf of individuals and businesses, including claims for:

  • Breach of employment contract
  • Breach of earn-out contract
  • Breach of contract related to the sale of a business
  • Executive compensation and benefits agreements
  • Wrongful termination
  • Unpaid compensation, such as wages, bonuses, or commissions
  • Unpaid severance, stock-options, or retirement benefits
  • Misappropriation of trade secrets
  • Interference with a contractual relationship
  • Unfair and deceptive trade practices
  • Tortious interference

Employment Contract Disputes

The Business Trial Group’s employment contract lawyers have extensive experience handling disputes involving broken promises made by employers. In general, employment in Florida is on an “at-will” basis.

Under the at-will employment doctrine, either the employee or the employer can terminate the employment relationship at any time, for any reason (other than a reason that would violate anti-discrimination laws). In an at-will employment situation, the employer need not have good cause to terminate the employee.

Employment contracts often create an exception to the at-will doctrine and provide that an employee can only be terminated if certain conditions are met. It is often the case that employees who have signed an employment contact may only be terminated for violating the terms and conditions set forth in the contract.

Employment contracts may also contain provisions regarding payment of salary, commissions, bonuses, and severance payments.

Our employment contract attorneys can review the terms of your contract and determine if your employer has violated its obligations under the agreement. We also can help you evaluate the legal options that may be available to you to obtain any compensation that your employer has wrongfully withheld.

Employee Handbook Claims

In some instances, a company’s employee handbook may act as an employment contract and bind the employer to the terms and conditions set forth in the handbook.

For example, if your company’s employee handbook states that employees who are terminated will receive severance according to a formula based on the employee’s years of service, and your company does not pay you the correct amount of severance, our employment attorneys may be able to file a breach of contract claim on your behalf seeking the unpaid compensation.

Should You Speak with an Employment Attorney Before Signing a Severance Agreement?

It is critically important that you speak to an employment attorney before signing a severance agreement. These agreements often contain a release of claims that attempt to prohibit the terminating employee from filing an employment lawsuit, in exchange for accepting the severance payment.

Our attorneys may be able to negotiate on your behalf for a higher severance award. Our attorneys can also help you determine if you should not accept the severance because you may be able to obtain a larger monetary award through an employment lawsuit.

Why Hire Morgan & Morgan?

The Business Trial Group handles employment and unpaid compensation claims on a contingency-fee or “success-fee” basis. Under the contingency-fee system, you will not have to pay attorneys’ fees unless we prevail, and these fees will be paid solely from the recovery in the case.

If we take on your case, we become your partner in recovering damages and accept the financial risk of the litigation. Because the contingency-fee model aligns the financial interests of the client and attorneys, our only incentive is to obtain the highest possible recovery.

Our Results

The attorneys in our Business Trial Group have recovered millions of dollars in employment and unpaid compensation claims for our clients. A few of our recent recoveries include:

  • $1,500,000+ recovery on behalf of employees for breach of their employment contract.
  • $425,000 recovery for a former officer of a publicly-traded company for his claim of breach of contract and unpaid severance.
  • $750,000 recovery on behalf of a small business whose competitor stole trade secrets and interfered with employees’ contracts.
  • A confidential settlement on behalf of the former CFO of a well-known athletic company for his claim for unpaid severance.
  • A confidential settlement on behalf of an employee of a defense contractor in his claim for unpaid commissions.
  • Recovery of more than $100,000 for the seller of a small family-owned business, who was bought-out and unjustly terminated.
  • Recovery of unpaid commissions on behalf of an insurance agent.
  • Recovery of unpaid compensation for former executive of a national furniture company.

A Powerful Ally

Since its inception in 1988, Morgan & Morgan has grown to be the largest plaintiff’s law firm in the country with more than 300 lawyers.

The firm has offices in ten states, including 23 locations in Florida.

Due to the firm’s size and strength, the Business Trial Group has the resources to take on the most complex employment cases and go head-to-head with the largest companies and corporate firms in the country.

To learn more about how the employment attorneys in our Business Trial Group can help with your employment matter, call us toll-free at (877) 667-4265 or fill out our case review form today.

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