Mar 12, 2024

Two Dead in Philly Explosion That Leveled Three Row Homes

Home Collapse

Crews in South Philadelphia have recovered two bodies so far from the scene of a massive explosion that leveled three row homes last Thursday, 6 ABC reported. Two additional row homes were also damaged. The explosion occurred around 11:30 a.m. on the 1400 block of South 8th Street, near Reed Street. Officials are concerned there may be more victims trapped in the debris who were walking by at the time of the explosion.

Fire Commissioner Adam Thiel said the scene was too dangerous for rescue crews to immediately enter the buildings to recover victims.

“One of the reasons this is going to be slow is because there are still a lot of hazards at the scene,” Thiel said. “We are going to have to move slow and steady so we can keep everyone safe.”

The two-alarm fire drew more than 100 Philadelphia firefighters to fight the flames. Dozens of residents were evacuated from nearby homes, and power and gas were turned off to the neighborhood. By Saturday night, most residents were allowed to return to their homes with power and gas. Investigators are still looking into the cause of the blast, but an unnamed source told 6 ABC that it may involve a water main break that occurred in October.

In addition to the onsite hazards, there is also a fear that the explosion weakened the road and that a sinkhole may form as a result.

A home explosion is one of the most devastating tragedies a person can experience. In a flash, all of their possessions are reduced to a pile of smouldering rubble. Many explosions are due to a build-up of household natural gas caused by a leak of some sort. Often this is due to a defective product, or negligence on the part of the property owner or landlord tasked with maintaining the gas lines. In these cases, victims of the explosion may be entitled to compensation for damages for personal injuries, property damage, alternative accommodations, and other costs associated with the blast.

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