Morgan & Morgan Internship Helps Cristo Rey Students Thrive


This school year, Morgan & Morgan’s Atlanta office was proud to participate in Cristo Rey Atlanta Jesuit High School’s work study program.

By providing internships, we helped fund the tuition of four students. More importantly, we were able to get to know these bright kids: Hugo Martinez, Armadus Chaney, Kenet Gomora and Emmanuel Montes Espericueta.

Hugo, Armadus, Kenet and Emmanuel assisted us with day-to-day tasks around the office. In return, they learned about the law and what a career in the field is like, as well as gained insight into what it’s like to work in an office.

Atlanta Practice Areas

Birth Injuries Labor & Employment Insurance Claims
Product Liability Whistleblower Claims Debt Collection Harassment

In order to show their appreciation and share what they learned with us, they gave a heartwarming presentation.

Although they had some challenges to face, namely breaking out of their shells and gaining confidence, they stated that working at Morgan & Morgan taught them about responsibility, leadership, teamwork and effective communication. Their favorite memories involve spending time with coworkers.

Armadus, in particular, was also motivated by his time at the firm to continue working towards his dream of becoming a lawyer.

All four students liked the diversity of our office and how nice and social everyone was. According to Kenet, working with his favorite people at the office “turned his gloomy days into rainbows.”

The work study program was an all-round success and the office’s staff and attorneys are excited to have more opportunities to act as mentors for students in the city. “When I first heard of Cristo Rey’s work study program, which allows young students to attend first-rate private schools that they may otherwise be unable to, I knew that it fit with our firm’s mission,” said Managing Partner James Kelleher. “We are very proud that we could assist the school with its dynamic mission. We strive to help all people, regardless of their financial and economic status.” Thank you Armadus, Hugo, Emmanuel and Kenet for all your hard work! We’ll miss you!