Mar 27, 2024

Kentucky House Speaker, Fmr. State AG Greg Stumbo Joins Morgan & Morgan


Morgan & Morgan is proud to announce that Gregory D. Stumbo, Speaker of the Kentucky House of Representatives and former Attorney General of Kentucky, will be joining the firm.

A graduate of the University of Louisville’s law program, Stumbo will focus his practice with Morgan & Morgan on workers’ compensation and personal injury law, areas of practice that will allow him the chance to continue his unwavering service to the citizens of Kentucky. Stumbo’s dedication to his fellow Kentuckians has also earned him notoriety from a number of prestigious organizations, including the Kentucky Family Safety Foundation and the Kentucky Domestic Violence Association.

In addition to a passion for public service and impressive career resume, it’s also worth noting one big factor that Stumbo and firm founder John Morgan have in common—both were born and raised in Kentucky, home of Morgan & Morgan’s Lexington office.

Since 1980, Stumbo has held various prominent political positions, including House Majority Floor Leader within the Kentucky House of Representatives, House Speaker, and state Attorney General. With more than 30 years of continued experience, Stumbo holds the record for the longest uninterrupted run in public service by a Kentucky resident.

“Along with acknowledging my many years of protecting Kentuckians in Frankfort as both a legislator and attorney general, [Mr. John Morgan] recognized I have dedicated my entire professional career as an attorney to protecting people who have been hurt or injured,” Stumbo said. “It was a distinct honor for me to be asked to join their firm.”

The true impact of Stumbo’s work, however, can best be seen not in his impressive political resume, but in the lives of the people he’s helped throughout Kentucky. In addition to aiding Kentucky’s citizens in overcoming the great economic crisis, Stumbo is credited with overhauling the state’s educational testing systems. Stumbo is also a champion of Amanda’s Law, a bill that supports the use of tracking devices to protect victims of domestic violence from abusers. Furthermore, his initiatives have provided better opportunities for the state’s youth by sponsoring legislation over the Kentucky Education Reform Act.

Thanks to the public’s acknowledgment of Stumbo’s efforts, he has received recognition from organizations such as the Kentucky Academy of Trial Attorneys and the Floyd County Chamber of Commerce, among others. Formal acts of recognition for Stumbo’s public service include the Earth Day award from the Kentucky Environmental Quality Commission in 1999, and induction into the Lexington Speech and Hearing Center’s Frankel Hall of Fame in 2011.

“I always believed that a client was entitled to have his case reviewed properly and to devote as much time as necessary to develop a case, as to maximize the chance of a successful recovery,” Stumbo said. Morgan & Morgan share the same goal and philosophy as Stumbo—to be the best lawyer in the court room, he said.