Mar 22, 2024

Home Explosion in Kentucky Kills Married Couple

Wrecked House

The Wolfe County Coroner’s office has identified the victims of a Nov. 23 Kentucky home explosion as Phillip and Sueann Vanderpool, WTVQ reported. The couple had come over to the house of Phillip’s parents to investigate a gas smell. Dispatchers said they had received two 911 calls about the smell from the house that day. The home exploded shortly after the second call. Four people, including the Vanderpools’ parents, escaped the home with burns, according to WKYT.

The explosion happened around 3:30 p.m. on Harvest Church Loop Road. Firefighters fought the blaze for several hours before calling off the rescue at 9 p.m., declaring the house too dangerous to enter. The crews continued the recovery the following morning at 8 a.m. and recovered the bodies. A gas company had made repairs to a gas line on Nov. 18, the Wolfe County Emergency Management Facebook page posted. Sergeant Bret Kirkland of the Kentucky State Police said investigators are looking at nearby gas lines for clues about the leak and explosion. He advises that if you smell gas, call 911 and leave the building immediately.

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