Medical Marijuana

For Licensed Marijuana Businesses, Insurance and Other Services Can be Hard to Come by

Could you run a multimillion-dollar business without a bank? Would you be willing to start a business without the protection of insurance? These aren’t questions...

  • Caitlin Wolper
  • Dec 22, 2017

What’s Holding Up Access to Medical Marijuana in FL?

As of Jan. 3, medical marijuana is officially legal in the state of Florida. Amendment 2 was passed this November with 71 percent of votes,...

  • Staff
  • Jan 5, 2017

Epilepsy Awareness Month: How Is Marijuana an Effective Treatment for Epilepsy?

Each November is Epilepsy Awareness Month, and this year the Epilepsy Foundation wants people suffering from epilepsy to aim for zero seizures. That is easier...

  • Staff
  • Nov 1, 2016

Amendment 2 News: One Family Chooses Florida for More Than Just its Beaches and Sunshine

For one Georgia family, the promise of medical marijuana in Florida presents a unique opportunity for them to stay together, and help their son get...

  • Staff
  • Oct 25, 2016

Is Medical Marijuana Right for Your State? Lend Your Voice to the Debate

This year, health initiatives are on the ballot in several states. Two of those states are Florida and Arkansas, and the citizens in those states...

  • Staff
  • Oct 17, 2016

Fact or Fiction: Could Medical Marijuana Positively Impact Florida's Communities?

This year, one of the most controversial and hotly contested races in Florida doesn’t involve politicians. It’s about people and whether they have the right...

  • Staff
  • Oct 9, 2016

National Group of Law Enforcement Announces Support for Medical Marijuana in Florida

With the vote on Amendment 2 less than two months away, the movement to legalize medical marijuana in Florida has received an endorsement from an...

  • Staff
  • Sep 13, 2016

A Grandmother's Story: How Amendment 2 Could Change Lives

The referendum on medical marijuana in Florida has been a white-hot issue for a while now, but what some may not realize is that the...

  • Staff
  • Sep 2, 2016

New Study Finds Marijuana Could Help Alzheimer's Patients

A recent study on the medical benefits of marijuana found that the plant may be able to combat Alzheimer’s disease. The U.S.-based study discovered that...

  • Staff
  • Aug 2, 2016

First Florida Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Tallahassee

A Tallahassee company has recently opened its doors as Florida’s first medical marijuana dispensary. Truelieve, the distributor that won the race against six medical cannabis...

  • Staff
  • tallahassee
  • Aug 2, 2016

Legalizing Medical Marijuana in Florida Could Provide Economic Benefits

There are many businesses in Florida that could benefit from medical marijuana if Floridians choose to vote yes on Amendment 2, according to local news...

  • Staff
  • Jul 20, 2016

Medical Marijuana in Florida: What Does Amendment 2 Actually Legalize?

Nov. 9 Update: Amendment 2 passed, earning 71 percent of the vote. Read more about this historic vote. For months, polls have suggested that the...

  • Staff
  • Jul 1, 2016

Nearly 100 Florida Vets Pledge Support for Florida Medical Marijuana Campaign

With the debate in Florida heating up this summer, medical marijuana supporters received another boost for their cause. On Memorial Day, nearly 100 veterans pledged...

  • Staff
  • Jun 1, 2016

Daytona Beach Latest Florida City To Consider Marijuana Decriminalization

Daytona Beach leaders on Wednesday unanimously voted for a plan to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana in what is the first big step in a...

  • Staff
  • daytona-beach
  • May 20, 2016

Orlando Decriminalizes Marijuana

On Monday, May 9, Orlando joined Tampa and Volusia County in the decriminalization of marijuana possession in small amounts. Effective October 1, this marijuana ordinance...

  • Staff
  • May 11, 2016