May 15, 2024

8 Children, 2 Adults Hospitalized in NC School Bus Crash

Kids getting on school bus

Ten people were sent to the hospital in Delco, North Carolina, after a semi truck crashed into a school bus picking up a student on the morning of Jan. 7, Fox 6 Now reported. Two adults on the bus were airlifted to the hospital with serious injuries. Eight children were transported to the hospital by ambulance. There was no report about the nature of their injuries. The driver of the semi truck was uninjured. A FedEd truck was also hit in the crash, but that driver also avoided injuries.

The driver of the semi truck was allegedly reaching for a cigarette when the bus stopped to pick up the children. The tractor-trailer slammed into the back of the bus, severely damaging the left-side corner and dislodging several seats. The bus then rolled over three times, according to officials with the North Carolina Department of Transportation. The North Carolina Highway Patrol said charges are pending against the truck driver.

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