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How Can Insurance Claim Lawyers Help Me in Big Pine Key, Florida - Woman with neck injury after car accident

How Can Insurance Claim Lawyers Help Me in Big Pine Key, Florida?

Insurance Claim Lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL

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Insurance Claim Lawyers in Big Pine Key, FL

When you purchase an insurance policy, you expect the insurer to uphold the company’s end of the deal, especially when you need financial assistance after an accident. Whether it is an auto collision or a house fire, an insurance policy is the means that many people rely on to pay for things such as medical bills and property damage. However, far too many insurance companies let the bottom line rule when issuing decisions on insurance claim payouts. This means you might need the legal support of one of the best Big Pine Key, FL insurance claim lawyers.

How can an insurance claim attorney help you in the Florida Keys? The long answer to the question starts with the collection and analysis of physical evidence. Car accidents typically leave behind a trail of helpful evidence, from photographs of the accident scene to the results of diagnostic tests that verify the development of one or more injuries. An insurance claim lawyer in Big Pine Key, FL also acts as a buffer between you and your insurance company by handling every aspect of the claim process. This includes negotiating a favorable settlement that helps you pay costly medical bills.

Although hiring an insurance claim lawyer can get you the results you want, not just any litigator is appropriate for you to hire. The most important step that you take after a vehicle crash is hiring the best insurance claim attorney to represent you during the entire claim process. At Morgan & Morgan, our record of more than 30 years of representing clients in settling insurance claims makes our law firm one of the highest-rated law firms in Big Pine Key, FL and beyond the Florida Keys. Our team of personal injury attorneys has recovered more than $14 billion in compensation for our clients.

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  • How Should I Respond to a Car Accident?

    How you respond after a personal injury incident or an event that causes damage to your property determines whether you receive just compensation for financial losses. After a car accident, you should take the following steps to get the compensation that you deserve.

    Get Medical Care

    The key to receiving approval for an insurance claim involves demonstrating you suffered financial losses related to medical expenses. An auto collision can produce a wide variety of injuries that vary in severity. You cannot expect to have an insurance claim approved if you do not present documents that confirm you received medical care. Even if your injuries do not appear to be serious, you should seek medical attention after you leave the scene of the accident.

    Contact an Attorney

    Not every case requires the legal support of a Florida-licensed insurance claim attorney. However, one of the best Big Pine Key, FL insurance claim lawyers can help you submit a convincing claim. Insurance companies tend to take an insurance claim more seriously when a policyholder works with an experienced litigator.

    Gather Evidence

    After an incident that causes you harm and/or produces property damage, you need to gather and organize physical evidence. At Morgan & Morgan, we retain the professional services of a wide range of support personnel, including licensed investigators that gather and organize persuasive evidence. The key to filing an approved insurance claim involves presenting overwhelmingly compelling physical evidence.

    Morgan & Morgan helps you accomplish that goal.

    File the Insurance Claim

    Every insurance company requires policyholders to submit several documents that initiate a claim. After your legal counsel collects physical evidence and interviews witnesses, the time has come to submit the insurance claim. If your claim is denied by your insurance company, you should respond by filing an appeal.

  • How Does a Car Accident Attorney Help With an Insurance Claim?

    Partnering with one of the experienced Big Pine Key, FL insurance claim lawyers at Morgan & Morgan helps strengthen your insurance claim. Hiring a skilled litigator might motivate your insurance company to expedite your claim for a decision.

    Here’s how one of our personal injury attorneys can help you get an insurance claim approved.

    Interacts With Your Insurance Company

    Hiring one of the best Big Pine Key, FL insurance claim lawyers provides you with an intermediary to handle every issue that develops during the claim process. For example, if your insurance company requests additional medical evidence, your legal counsel takes care of the request by working with your healthcare provider to provide the right documents.

    Collecting Persuasive Evidence

    Your attorney has two primary purposes when collecting evidence. First, you have to prove you sustained injuries, which your legal counsel obtains in the form of the results of diagnostic tests, as well as a detailed description of treatment programs and physical therapy sessions. Second, your lawyer demonstrates at least one other party should assume legal liability for causing you harm. Proving negligence requires establishing the presence of four elements, which are duty of care, breaching the duty of care, causation, and monetary damages.

    Calculate a Reasonable Value

    Insurance companies operate on the principle of paying out as few claims as possible. One of the most frequent reasons why insurers deny claims is the value of a claim is unreasonable. Your attorney examines your financial records to determine a reasonable value for your insurance claim. Submitting a claim that includes an unreasonable value will lead to a denied insurance claim.

    Negotiating a Settlement

    The best Big Pine Key, FL insurance claim lawyers possess the negotiation skills required to shorten the claim process. At Morgan & Morgan, our team of personal injury attorneys has developed professional relationships with a large number of insurance adjusters. The professional relationships that we have developed allow us to negotiate favorable settlements that end the insurance claim process.

  • How Should I Respond to a Denied Insurance Claim?

    Another one of the important services provided by an attorney is helping you respond to a denied insurance claim. Although hiring a personal injury lawyer before you file a claim can strengthen a claim, getting the legal support you deserve after receiving a denied claim letter can help you reverse the insurance company’s decision.

    One of our highly rated Big Pine Key, FL insurance claim lawyers can help you reverse a denied insurance claim for several reasons.

    Review Your Insurance Policy

    The first thing a personal injury attorney should do is review your insurance policy. Perhaps your insurance company denied a claim because your policy does not offer the type of coverage you need to receive just compensation. Hiring one of the Big Pine Key, FL insurance claim lawyers at Morgan & Morgan confirms whether you qualify for coverage by not exceeding your policy limits. In addition, your legal counsel determines whether you purchased the amount of coverage you need to get a claim approved.

    Investigate the Personal Injury Incident

    Our personal injury attorneys work with the best investigators throughout the Sunshine State. If your insurance company denied a claim, the attorney assigned to your case manages a detailed investigation to determine why your insurer denied your claim. You might have not submitted enough medical evidence to validate the value of your claim and/or your claim lacked enough physical evidence, such as photographs of the accident scene and the submission of an official incident report.

    Speak With Witnesses

    Witness accounts of a personal injury incident are not enough to warrant the approval of an insurance claim. However, witnesses can provide support for the physical evidence gathered at the scene of the personal injury incident. After a personal injury incident such as a car accident, you might be shaken up enough to forget to get the names and contact information of witnesses. One of our Big Pine Key, FL insurance claim lawyers will file a formal request to gain access to the official police report and any other type of record that lists the names and contact information of witnesses.

    Interact With the Insurance Adjuster

    Our highly-respected team of personal injury attorneys has developed professional relationships with insurance adjusters licensed to do business in Florida. Building strong professional relationships based on trust helps us discuss insurance claims with adjusters after a client’s claim comes back denied. One-on-one interactions often get us the results we want after a denied insurance claim, instead of communicating exclusively by phone or email.

    File Your Appeal

    Filing an appeal for a denied insurance claim requires the submission of the right documents to process the claim. Failing to submit the proper paperwork and submitting documents that contain the wrong information gives your insurance company valid reasons to deny your appeal for compensation. Working with one of the Big Pine Key, FL insurance claim lawyers at Morgan & Morgan ensures you file an appeal on time and with the information your insurance company needs to make a decision.

  • Why Has My Insurance Company Delayed Responding to My Claim?

    Insurance companies are notorious for dragging out the claim process. Nonetheless, some claims warrant a delay in issuing a decision.

    Legal Questions

    Your insurance claim might include one or more legal issues that prevent your insurer from issuing a decision. For example, your healthcare provider might not be able to link your injuries with an act of negligence committed by another party. Your attorney helps clear up any legal issues that arise during the claim review process.

    Substantial Claim Value

    Large claims take longer to review because of the time it takes to verify expenses. Your healthcare provider might not have sent your insurance company every copy of your medical bills. The insurance adjuster assigned to your claim might need more time to confirm property damage expenses. You can expect a large claim to take longer to process than other types of insurance claims.

    Lack of Maximum Medical Improvement

    You do not settle an insurance claim until you obtain maximum medical improvement status, which involves completing every phase of the recovery process. One of the most important documents to file with a claim is a statement your physician submits that describes the prognosis of you making a full or partial recovery. Until your insurance company receives notification that you have achieved maximum medical improvement, the company cannot issue a properly considered decision on your claim.

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Last updated on May 11, 2022