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Nahin Chowdhury


Biography Overview

Nahin Chowdhury is an attorney specializing in personal injury law, practicing in the vibrant legal landscape of New York City, NY. He completed his law degree at St. John's Law School in 2022, following his undergraduate studies at John Jay College in 2019. Nahin's passion lies in closely working with clients, especially those who have faced injuries, showcasing his strong dedication to fairness and justice.

Before pursuing his legal career, Nahin spent three fulfilling years as a real estate agent. During this time, he developed a profound understanding of client needs and a keen ability to navigate complex situations. This experience not only sharpened his client-focused approach but also fostered a deep empathy for the challenges individuals encounter.

Having been admitted to the New York and New Jersey Bar in 2023, Nahin is well-prepared to offer comprehensive legal representation, drawing from his diverse background and unwavering commitment to securing positive outcomes for his clients. Apart from his legal work, Nahin enjoys playing basketball, a hobby that reflects his teamwork, determination, and resilience both in and out of the courtroom.

Practice Areas

Practice Areas (Pa hub, spoke, local)


  • St Johns Law School
  • John Jay College

Bar Admission

Bar Admission
  • NY 2023/NJ 2023