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Power Saw Injury Lawyer

Construction workers and homeowners often use powerful and potentially dangerous tools such as power saws to complete projects. However, the sharp blades of power saws can be deadly if defective or used without a guard. Accidents involving table saws, circular saws, and other cutting tools can cause severe and life-changing injuries and potentially leave an individual permanently disabled.

However, workers and others could have legal recourse if they experience a power saw injury. Our determined power saw injury lawyers could help you receive a fair settlement from a power saw manufacturer or your state’s workers’ compensation program. Contact us now to discover your options for recovering what you deserve.

The Dangers of Power Saws at Work

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), portable and stationary power saws can cause severe injuries. Common causes of accidents and injuries with power saws include:  

  • Operators lacking experience
  • Lack of safety training or equipment
  • Improperly guarded saw blades
  • Operators failing to wear eye and face protection
  • Employers improperly maintaining saws
  • Power saw manufacture defects

Power saw injuries can occur due to employers cutting corners and failing to provide safe work environments, well-maintained tools, or adequate training. Unfortunately, workers often suffer devastating consequences if employers fail to prevent accidents.  According to a study published by the Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), over 30,000 injuries occur annually due to table saws.

Common Injuries With Power Saws

Any body part coming in contact with an unguarded saw can potentially be severely injured. Common injuries in accidents with power saws include:

  • Lacerations
  • Fractures
  • Nerve and tendon injuries
  • Injuries to the fingers and hands
  • Amputations
  • Eye injuries
  • Electrocution

Minor injuries such as cuts and scrapes can be treated with stitches and bandages. However, a severe injury could require drastic medical intervention, such as skin grafts or amputations, potentially leaving victims permanently scarred and disabled.

If you or a loved one suffered a serious power saw injury, you could be entitled to compensation. An experienced power saw injury lawyer at Morgan & Morgan can assess your case, determine your legal options, and help you get the compensation you deserve.

Workers’ Compensation for Power Saw Injuries

Workers suffering power saw injuries are generally entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. While payments vary from state to state, you could receive the following:

Medical Care

Workers’ compensation typically pays for all medical care required due to a work injury, such as hospitalization, prescription medication, and rehabilitation therapies. Medical benefits usually continue until the individual recovers fully or, if a full recovery is not possible, to the end of their life.

Those who suffer a permanent disability or disfigurement may be entitled to a lump sum settlement from their state’s workers’ compensation program.

Wage Replacement Benefits

While the exact amounts differ from one state to another, workers are typically entitled to wage replacement benefits if they cannot work or can only work in a reduced capacity due to a power saw injury. In most states, workers can receive up to two-thirds of their regular weekly wages in benefits.

Death Benefits

Surviving family members and dependents of a worker killed in a power saw accident at work may be entitled to death benefits. While details vary, dependents could receive weekly income replacement payments and a one-off payment for funeral and burial expenses.

Morgan & Morgan has successfully represented workers and families. If you struggle to get what you deserve with a workers’ compensation claim or have had your claim denied, we could fight for the benefits you need to get your life back on track.

You Could Qualify for a Personal Injury Lawsuit

If your power saw accident happened at work, your first step is generally filing a workers’ compensation claim. However, depending on your injury’s circumstances, you could file a personal injury lawsuit and pursue non-economic damages that are not available with a workers’ comp claim. Such compensation can include awards for pain and suffering, emotional distress, loss of life enjoyment, and others.

Construction site accidents can happen due to third-party negligence, such as a careless or reckless property owner, contractor, or coworker. If another caused your accident, you could hold them responsible. Defendants in power saw injuries could include:

  • Contractors
  • Coworkers
  • Manufacturers of defective power saws
  • Grossly negligent employers

Workers collecting workers’ comp benefits are generally prohibited from filing a lawsuit against their employer. However, if your employer acted grossly negligent in causing your injury, you could have a legal claim against them. Power saw injury lawsuits can be complex. However, Morgan & Morgan can help you learn about your legal rights and the next best steps if you get hurt.

Suing a Power Saw Manufacturer for Damages

Not all power saw accidents happen at work. If you suffer a significant injury due to a defective power saw at home or work, you could have a claim against a manufacturer. You could have a case if the saw was defective in one of the following ways:

Design Defect

Design defects are errors the manufacturer makes during the design process of the power saw. Such faults affect the entire product line rather than a single saw and could affect many consumers.  

Manufacturing Defect

A manufacturing fault can occur, for example, when a power saw is incorrectly assembled during manufacture and produced differently than intended by the manufacturer. The manufacturer is generally liable if the defect causes accidents and injuries.

Marketing Defect

Powerful and potentially dangerous tools such as power saws must contain appropriate warnings and instructions. If the packaging or user manual fails to warn of hazards, you could file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or other parties involved in the distribution chain of the saw.

A dangerous product lawsuit against a manufacturer or another responsible party can be complex and typically requires a great deal of research with the help of professional investigators. If you believe a defective power saw caused your injury, contact a power saw injury lawyer as soon as possible to determine your legal options.

Compensation You Could Receive for a Power Saw Injury

If you were significantly injured in a power saw accident, or your loved one died from a power saw injury, you could file a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit and receive compensation. While damages depend on the circumstances of the accident, you could recover:

  • Past, current, and future medical costs due to the power saw injury
  • Medical transportation expenses
  • A home health aide and household assistance
  • Modifications of the vehicle and home
  • Loss of income and reduced future earning potential
  • Out-of-pocket costs

Depending on the nature and scope of the injuries, individuals could also recover non-economic damages, such as:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional anguish
  • Loss of a limb
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement
  • Loss of life quality

In a wrongful death lawsuit, the surviving dependents could recover burial costs, income loss, loss of companionship, and other damages.

Your Next Best Steps After a Power Saw Injury

Since you may be entitled to compensation, whether with a workers’ compensation claim or lawsuit, consider taking the following steps to protect your rights:   

See a Doctor

If you did not receive emergency medical help after your power saw accident, see a doctor as soon as possible to diagnose and treat your injuries. You will also receive a medical report, which can be vital evidence for your workers’ compensation claim or legal case.

Complete an Accident Report

If you are injured at work, tell your employer or supervisor immediately and ask to fill in an accident report. Keep a copy of the report for your records.

File a Workers’ Compensation Claim

You can typically file a workers’ comp claim and receive damages even if you are partly or wholly at fault for your power saw accident. Therefore, do not delay and ask your employer to file a claim immediately, as time limits may apply.

Contact a Power Saw Injury Lawyer

Consider consulting an experienced attorney to discuss your rights and options, whether you are hurt at home or work. Morgan & Morgan understands the full impact of a power saw injury on individuals’ physical and mental health. We also know that families could face severe financial hardship after a significant power saw injury or death. The sooner you contact us, the sooner you can receive what you deserve.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • I Was Injured by My Power Saw at Home; Am I Entitled to Damages?

    Manufacturers could prevent many injuries associated with power saws if they put safety over profit and ensured that their tools are safe to use and free of defects. You could have a dangerous product claim against a manufacturer or part manufacturer if a faulty power saw caused your injury. Defects can include, among others:

    • Faulty safety switches
    • Lack of safety warnings
    • Missing or defective safety guards
    • Damaged power cords
    • Loose blades

    Dangerous product claims can be tricky, and you may have to stand up to a well-known global manufacturer and its team of lawyers. However, Morgan & Morgan has the resources to fight even complex and lengthy claims. If you believe you have a case against a power saw manufacturer, contact us as soon as possible so we can assess your claim and move forward. 

  • Do I Have to Hire an Attorney for a Power Saw Injury Claim?

    If you only suffer a minor injury and can recover what you deserve from the workers’ compensation program, you may not need to hire an attorney. However, power saw accidents can cause catastrophic and permanent injuries and could change victims’ lives forever. A dedicated attorney may be necessary to help families fight for what they deserve. Hiring a power saw injury lawyer can be critical for the success of your claim if:

    • You have astronomical medical bills and other losses
    • You suffered a severe or disabling injury
    • Your employer does not have workers’ compensation coverage
    • You have a legal claim against a third party or an employer
    • Your workers’ comp claim was denied
    • Your impairment rating is inaccurate
    • Your loved one died due to a power saw injury

    Morgan & Morgan is by your side during your most challenging times. We could help you fight for the compensation you need and deserve.

  • How Much Does an Attorney Handling Power Saw Injuries Cost?

    Most personal injury lawyers work on a “no-win-no-fee” basis, meaning you do not have to pay any upfront attorney’s fees. The lawyer will receive a percentage of your final settlement as their fee if you win. However, you should always discuss fees before hiring an attorney, as some firms charge retainers or hourly fees, which could leave you out of pocket if you lose your claim. Moreover, even attorneys working on a contingency basis may charge you out-of-pocket legal expenses.

    Morgan & Morgan never charges clients a dime upfront. We understand that making ends meet can be a struggle when a loved one is injured or dies in a power tool accident. You don’t have to worry about out-of-pocket fees, legal expenses, or unexpected costs when we handle your case.

  • Morgan & Morgan Wants You to Get Fair Compensation

    You should not be left with the financial burden if someone else is responsible for your injuries and monetary losses, whether a reckless employer, saw manufacturer, or another party. Morgan & Morgan has your back. We see the devastating consequences of dangerous power tools every day in our practice and want to help victims get justice and compensation.

    Morgan & Morgan has fought for the injured for over three decades, recovering over $20 billion in damages. Our power saw injury lawyers are highly motivated and want to give you the best shot at receiving the settlement you deserve. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn about your rights and options.

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