Morgan & Morgan's Top Lawsuits

Morgan & Morgan's Top Lawsuits

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Morgan & Morgan's Top Lawsuits

The top lawsuits litigated by Morgan & Morgan cover a wide variety of law practices. Although our law firm specializes in handling personal injury cases such as a slip and fall, as well as product liability and premise liability, we also provide legal support for clients in other legal areas. We support clients that are embroiled in an insurance dispute and clients that had their civil rights violated.

However, many of the Morgan & Morgan top lawsuits, which we measure by the amount of monetary damages awarded by a judge or jury, involve the law practice called personal injury. Some of the Morgan and Morgan top lawsuits involve class actions against one or more defendants. Because of our more than 30 years of experience, we are never afraid to bypass the negotiation phase of the litigation process and go straight to trial if it is in the best financial interests of our clients.

Between reaching favorable settlements and winning legal judgments, the highly-rated team of attorneys at Morgan & Morgan has helped our clients win more than $14 billion in monetary damages since we opened the first office back in 1988. With offices now located across the United States, we can take on cases that invoke the legal statutes of each of the 50 states.

If you decide to hire an inexperienced lawyer or a law firm that has not established a proven record of getting the clients the compensation that they deserve, you can expect to receive less in monetary damages than you should receive. Inexperienced litigators leave money on the table that rightfully belongs to a client. Our job is to listen to how you want to proceed with your case, and you accomplish that by scheduling a free case evaluation with one of our skilled litigators.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • How Does Morgan & Morgan Maximize Compensation for a Personal Injury Case?

    The primary goal of our litigators is to maximize the compensation you receive either through a negotiated settlement or from a favorable legal judgment. We encourage you to review the Morgan and Morgan top lawsuits that have generated a considerable amount of money for our clients.

    Let’s review how you can maximize the compensation awarded during a civil lawsuit.

    The proof Is in the Evidence

    Whether you sustained injuries caused by a car accident or became ill because of a defective product, you want to gather and organize evidence to file a persuasive civil lawsuit or negotiate a favorable settlement. Evidence includes photographs that depict clear acts of negligence. For example, the footage from a security camera installed at an intersection can show that the driver of the vehicle that hit you ran a red light at a high speed. Photos that were taken of the scene of a personal injury incident also can demonstrate that negligence caused your injuries.

    For other types of legal issues such as a business dispute, making copies of every document can help you convince the other party’s attorney to negotiate a settlement. Because some of the Morgan & Morgan top lawsuits involve business disputes, we emphasize the importance of our clients making copies of every document that is associated with a legal dispute.

    Get the Support of Witnesses

    Although witnesses do not represent physical evidence, the accounts given by witnesses can bolster the strength of a civil case. If you sustained one or more injuries that were caused by negligence, write down the names and contact information of every witness and hand the information over to one of our lawyers. We interview every witness and then decide which ones provide the most consistent descriptions of what unfolded before, during, and after a personal injury incident. Witnesses also provide support for disputes that involve business contracts and insurance claims.

    Discuss the Case With Just Your Attorney

    If you suffered injuries that were caused by a personal injury incident, do not reach out to your insurance company until after you speak with one of our state-licensed lawyers. An insurance adjuster might try to convince you to take a smaller payout than the payout you deserve. This applies to speaking with the other party’s insurance adjuster as well. For any type of case that involves a civil lawsuit, do not speak with the other party’s lawyer unless you are accompanied by one of our litigators.

    Let the experienced attorneys at Morgan & Morgan discuss your case with the main participants to ensure you receive the compensation that you deserve.

  • Does Morgan & Morgan Litigate Class Action Lawsuits?

    Yes, Morgan & Morgan litigates class action lawsuits if we feel this type of litigation is the best legal option to take for a client’s case. Not every type of litigation is appropriate for starting or joining a class action lawsuit. However, many of the Morgan & Morgan top lawsuits involve filing a class action lawsuit.

    To file a class action lawsuit, the plaintiffs that join the lawsuit must have similar claims. For example, the well-publicized Monsanto class action lawsuit concerning the herbicide Roundup sought compensation for the plaintiffs that developed cancer because of exposure to the dangerous chemical. Only plaintiffs that demonstrated they were exposed to Roundup and developed cancer were allowed to participate in the class action lawsuit.

    Plaintiffs also must demonstrate their claim is similar to the claim filed for a class action lawsuit. This comes down to similar questions of law, which for the Monsanto Roundup case, involved product liability questions. Plaintiffs that join a class action lawsuit also must show the facts of their individual cases match the facts presented by other class action plaintiffs.

  • What Are the Benefits of Starting or Joining a Class Action Lawsuit?

    Plaintiffs that start or join a class action lawsuit benefit from this type of legal action in several ways.

    Save on Legal Fees

    One of the greatest benefits of starting or joining a class action lawsuit concerns spreading the cost of legal fees over many plaintiffs. This is an especially important benefit for plaintiffs who present claims that do not pay out a substantial amount of money. For example, a class action lawsuit involving hundreds of plaintiffs that got charged an illegal $30 fee by a bank is preferable to filing an individual lawsuit because the legal fees of an individual lawsuit far exceed the $30 awarded in monetary damages.

    More Likely to Recover Monetary damages

    If plaintiffs file individual lawsuits seeking monetary damages against the same defendant, the defendant might eventually have to declare bankruptcy. This means plaintiffs that file individual civil lawsuits early in the litigation process have a better chance of seeing a payday. Filing a class action lawsuit ensures every plaintiff that joins the legal action receives some value of monetary damages.

    More Experienced Legal Support

    Attorneys that represent clients for class action lawsuits typically have more experience than the lawyers that litigate individual civil lawsuits. Class action lawsuits can produce thousands of pages of legal documents, especially if a case involves a high-profile corporation. Because of access to more experienced attorneys, the plaintiffs that join a class action lawsuit are more likely to receive monetary damages.

    Enhanced Efficiency

    The judicial system benefits from class action lawsuits as well. By consolidating many individual civil lawsuits, filing a class action lawsuit frees up time on judicial dockets. One claim also takes less time to resolve than many similar claims that plaintiffs file at the same time.

  • What Is the Process for Litigating Morgan and Morgan Top Lawsuits?

    More than three decades of experience have helped Morgan & Morgan refine and improve the process for litigating top lawsuits. Our goal is to get you just compensation as quickly as possible, whether you get paid through a favorable settlement or by winning a legal judgment issued by a judge or jury.

    Contact Morgan & Morgan

    The first thing to do when you need to address a legal issue is to contact one of the litigators at Morgan & Morgan. By submitting the online form, we receive your contact information and a brief description of your case. The key is to provide us with the key details of your case in summary form.

    Review Your Case

    One of our litigators reviews the summary you submitted regarding your case. We operate with the understanding that you have to meet several deadlines, with the most important deadline filing a civil lawsuit before the expiration of the statute of limitations. After reviewing your case summary, Morgan & Morgan assigns a team of attorneys to prepare for the free case evaluation. You can expect a call from a member of our legal team to set up a time and date to meet and discuss your case.

    Organize Your Documents

    Before you meet with our team of experienced lawyers, you should organize the legal documents that are connected to your case. For a personal injury case, this includes the results of diagnostic tests, descriptions of treatment programs, and a copy of the incident report. If you are embroiled in a business dispute, you need to bring to the free case evaluation every document that is part of your case.

    Free Case Evaluation

    The free case evaluation represents the meeting when our team of litigators determines how to proceed with your case. You can expect to answer questions ranging from providing a detailed description of how another party has caused you harm, as well as whether you have contacted anyone outside of Morgan & Morgan to discuss your case. You come to the free case evaluation prepared to ask questions to our team of litigators. A free case evaluation also gives you the opportunity to learn more about how the civil lawsuit process works.

  • Get the Legal Support That You Deserve

    At Morgan & Morgan, we charge legal fees for a majority of our cases on a contingency basis. This means you do not pay upfront legal fees for us to represent you. A contingency fee arrangement helps victims of negligence focus on taking care of financial issues such as medical bills and the damage done to personal property.

    Since 1988, Morgan and Morgan has participated in many high-profile cases that we consider to be our top lawsuits. From litigating class action lawsuits to representing clients who take individual legal action, our team of litigators operates with the best interests of our clients in mind.

    Take advantage of the experience we offer by scheduling a free case evaluation today.

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