Wheel Explosions

The most devastating accidents are often also the most unexpected. Such is the case with wheel explosions, which, upon taking drivers by surprise, can lead to deadly crashes. These blowouts are far more common than the average driver suspects. In fact, data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that these incidents cause over 78,000 accidents every year. Over 450 of these incidents end in death. Many others lead to a lifetime of suffering, with drivers enduring everything from broken bones to traumatic brain injuries. Even after they've healed from these physical ailments, victims may suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder and other mental health issues. For many, justice served through the legal system proves the best source of solace.

What Causes Wheel Explosions?

Wheel explosions often result from defective tires, although road hazards may also serve as causes. These incidents differ considerably from flat tires, in which air simply leaks out over time. Wheel explosions occur far more suddenly, leaving drivers struggling to take control of unmanageable vehicles. Explosions may also occur when the vehicle is not in motion. If the driver or other individuals are located nearby at the time of explosion, such incidents can prove just as devastating as those that occur while traveling.

Common sources of wheel explosions include:

  • Defects in manufacturing or use of poor-quality materials, ultimately leading to sidewall failure
  • Improper reinforcement in tire beads, prompting poor integrity, lost pressure, and eventually blowouts
  • Premature tread wear or the seller's failure to indicate the extent to which presently installed tires have been used
  • Multipiece-rim defects, in which rims explosively separate from the wheels to which they're mounted

While manufacturer errors are typically responsible for tire and wheel explosions, user error can sometimes play a role. This can quickly complicate product liability cases, as manufacturers may blame accidents on overinflation or other issues outside of their control.

Why Work With a Defective-Tire Lawyer?

Wheel explosion cases can prove surprisingly complicated, especially given the myriad factors that can lead to tire issues and the crashes they prompt. A skilled wheel explosion lawyer can draw upon available evidence as well as witness and expert testimony to prove that faulty tire and wheel manufacturing caused the explosion — not user error or lack of maintenance.

Why Morgan & Morgan?

Morgan & Morgan has a proven track record of securing considerable compensation in defective-product cases. Remember, all law firms are not the same. When it comes to taking on large companies that often seek to minimize damages or shift blame, size matters. With more than 700 attorneys nationwide, we have the resources to go up against sizable corporations and fight for your rights. Our tire lawyers know what it takes to bring complicated cases to a favorable close. Morgan & Morgan understands what you’re going through and wants to be by your side to help you get the justice and compensation you deserve. Once the financial burden of the accident is lifted, you can focus on what matters most.

Morgan & Morgan can help you every step of the way in holding the responsible parties accountable. Complete our free case evaluation to get started.

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