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What Types of Cancers Can Be Caused by RoundUp?

What Types of Cancers Can Be Caused by RoundUp?

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What Types of Cancers Can Be Caused by RoundUp?

Over the past several years, RoundUp — a popular weed killer — has been in the news because of the possibility that it increases users’ cancer risk.
During a court case in California, the company that produces RoundUp maintained that the product was safe for use. Despite this, the jury ruled that RoundUp was a contributing factor in one man’s cancer case. As a result, the claimant was awarded $80 million in financial damages.
If you have been using this product around your home, you may wonder about the types of cancers that could be caused by RoundUp. Below, we will examine some of the most critical issues regarding cancer lawsuits following the use of RoundUp.
When you or someone you love has developed cancer following the use of a hazardous product, do not hesitate to explore your options. You may be able to recover significant financial compensation from the parties responsible for your or your loved one's illness.
The accomplished team at Morgan & Morgan has decades of experience representing the victims of faulty and hazardous products. For the best legal representation available, contact America’s largest personal injury firm — Morgan & Morgan.
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The Development of RoundUp

Monsanto is the agricultural manufacturer that first introduced RoundUp to the market as an herbicide. The company first sold the innovative weed killer in 1974.
Monsanto advertised RoundUp as a safe and effective way to eliminate invasive plant species. Many farmers used the product to clear away the weeds surrounding their crops. 
Because RoundUp prevented the need to till their land, farmers experienced less soil erosion on their farms. The product also seemed to have the advantage of breaking down into natural components.
These benefits meant that the product could be sold as an “environmentally friendly” herbicide spray. However, recent concerns have arisen regarding possible connections between the product and types of cancers that could be caused by RoundUp. 
The compound called “glyphosate” may be to blame for the connection between herbicides and cancers. This ingredient is also found in other herbicide brands. 
A 2015 report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer presented evidence that glyphosate is a carcinogen. The report cited glyphosate use and cancer rates in workers with the highest levels of exposure.

Various Types of Cancers That Could Be Caused by RoundUp

Although RoundUp was first brought to market by the Monsanto corporation, Bayer now owns the product. The company is facing thousands of lawsuits across the United States alleging that the product causes users to develop cancer.
Some of the most common types of cancers that could be caused by RoundUp include:

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Many RoundUp users across the nation have filed lawsuits claiming that the product caused them to develop non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that affects the lymphatic system.
The lymphatic system is a network of nodules that aid the human body in detecting and fighting diseases. Those with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma develop tumors around the lymph nodes because of an excess of white blood cells.
These tumors create swelling in certain areas of the body.
Some of the most common symptoms of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma are:

  • Swollen lymph nodes in the groin, underarm, or neck
  • Pain and swelling in the abdomen
  • Coughing, shortness of breath, and chest pains
  • Fatigue
  • Night sweats and fever
  • Unexplained weight loss

If you have noticed any of these signs and symptoms, promptly seek a medical assessment. To be correctly diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, doctors may require you to undergo specific medical tests, including:

  • A range of imaging tests
  • Skin biopsies
  • A bone marrow biopsy

Following a diagnosis, understanding whether your lymphoma began in the T cells or B cells will influence the range of treatments available to you. Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma is one of the most treatable types of cancers that could be caused by RoundUp.
If you believe that an herbicide caused your non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, reach out to a knowledgeable legal expert. You may be owed significant financial damages from the negligent parties at fault.


Leukemia is a relatively rare type of cancer. Fewer than 200,000 new cases are reported across the United States each year.
In most instances, leukemia affects young children and teenagers. This rare type of cancer affects the blood-forming cells in the body. 
In many cases, leukemia affects patients' white blood cells. However, there are several types of leukemia, including:

  • Acute lymphoblastic leukemia
  • Chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Acute myeloid leukemia

Some patients develop slow-growing leukemia and do not show prominent symptoms early on. For this reason, the disease can be challenging to diagnose.
However, those with fast-growing versions of the disease often display the following signs and symptoms:

  • Excessive bleeding
  • Frequent bruising
  • Recurrent infections
  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss

There is no single course of treatment for leukemia. The medical options depend heavily on which type of leukemia the patient has.
Physicians sometimes recommend monitoring slow-growing versions of the disease. Fast-growing leukemia may be treated with radiation, chemotherapy, and stem-cell transplants. 
While this disease is rare, it is one of the types of cancers that could be caused by RoundUp. If you believe that your leukemia was caused by using RoundUp, contact a legal professional right away.

Pediatric Brain Cancer

Some recent studies have found that children exposed to certain herbicides had a significantly higher risk of developing brain cancer. For this reason, some have argued that RoundUp may contribute to pediatric cancer of the brain.
According to these studies, herbicides could affect future children for up to two years after parental exposure.
Some of the typical symptoms of pediatric brain cancer include:

  • Pressure in the head
  • Recurring severe headaches
  • Vision problems
  • Hearing loss and other issues
  • Difficulty eating
  • Nausea and vomiting

Typically, pediatric brain cancer is treated with surgery to remove slow-growing tumors that put pressure on the brain. 
Additional medical treatments include chemotherapy and radiation. These are usually reserved for more aggressive forms of pediatric brain cancer.
If you believe that your child’s illness was caused by herbicide exposure, contact a skilled attorney at the firm of Morgan & Morgan. We understand that in this difficult time, having a legal expert on your side can help. Fill out our free case evaluation to begin the process.

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Morgan & Morgan

  • Who Is Most At Risk for Cancer from RoundUp?

    More research is being done to explore the connections between cancer and certain herbicide products. As more information has become available, it appears that RoundUp may increase the chances of certain cancers by over 40%. 
    This number is especially troubling given the widespread use of glyphosate in residential and commercial agricultural herbicide products. The common use of this compound means that it exists in water, food, and dust in many areas.
    Almost anyone could be exposed to glyphosate without even knowing. Still, some people are more likely to suffer exposure than others.
    Those who work in agricultural settings are most at risk. Evidence shows higher rates of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in agricultural and farm workers than in the general population.
    Researchers have hypothesized that this is due to sustained exposure to carcinogenic herbicides like RoundUp. Some of the most vulnerable workers and employees include:

    • Plant nursery employees
    • Landscape specialists
    • Farmers
    • Those working in the agricultural industry
    • Golf course landscaping employees
    • Public and private park landscaping staff

    Those who use this product regularly at their residence may also face increased risks of certain cancers. For this reason, it is critical to reducing your exposure however possible.
    When using RoundUp, take care not to come into contact with the substance. After you apply the herbicide, clean yourself thoroughly. If you believe that your cancer is the result of using RoundUp or another commercial herbicide, legal assistance is warranted.
    The compassionate team at Morgan & Morgan has experience representing victims of hazardous-product manufacturers. We will fight tirelessly to secure justice in your RoundUp-related case.

  • How Can a Morgan & Morgan Attorney Help With My Product Liability Claim?

    If you believe that RoundUp caused your cancer, speak with a legal expert as soon as possible. The professionals at Morgan & Morgan know what it takes to successfully recover the compensation that victims are due.
    When you hire one of our attorneys, we will handle the following elements of your case:

    • Drafting and submitting the required paperwork
    • Speaking with experts and specialists
    • Collecting relevant evidence — including medical reports and records
    • Determining which parties are liable for your illness
    • Calculating the appropriate value of your claim
    • Preparing litigation if negotiations fail
    • And more

    Our compassionate attorneys are motivated to help you by handling your complex legal situation. We know that serious illness can affect every aspect of your or your loved one's life. The emotions of a diagnosis can be even more overwhelming when the illness was caused by a corporation’s hazardous product. 
    You should not have to manage the intricacies of a legal claim while dealing with ongoing medical issues. Let the specialists at Morgan & Morgan handle all of the elements of your product liability claim.

  • What Types of Damages Can I Pursue Through a Product Liability Claim?

    In most product liability cases, claimants can hope to recover two types of payments called "damages." These two types are “economic” and “non-economic” damages.
    Economic damages are intended to make the victim financially whole. Common examples include compensation for:

    • Current and past medical bills
    • Expected future medical costs
    • Medical travel expenses
    • Lost wages and income from missed workdays
    • Long-term decreases in earning potential

    But not every type of loss from an illness is economic. Many of the most challenging outcomes do not affect the victim’s financial stability.
    Compensation options for these intangible losses are known as “non-economic” damages. Typical examples include payments for:

    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional distress
    • Trauma, anxiety, and depression
    • Loss of ability to enjoy life
    • Loss of consortium in wrongful death cases

    Let the skilled attorneys at the firm of Morgan & Morgan calculate the value of your case. We will fight to ensure that you receive the maximum financial recovery payment.

  • Morgan & Morgan Is on Your Side

    When you need a skilled representative in an herbicide-related legal claim, reach out to Morgan & Morgan. Since our founding, we have secured over $15 billion dollars in compensation for our clients in over a million cases.
    Do not let negligent companies be left unaccountable. To schedule a consultation to discuss the facts of your case, complete the contact form on the Morgan & Morgan website.

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