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Coronavirus Lawsuits

Coronavirus Lawsuits

Coronavirus Lawsuits

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has had profound effects on virtually every aspect of society. Tragically, the virus has claimed tens of thousands of lives, and hospitalized many more. Millions have lost their jobs, while others have been asked to work in unsafe conditions. Various businesses have had to shut their doors – perhaps for good. Sadly, some have endured discrimination and threats because of where they’re from. 

The list of hardships goes on.

Amid all of this change, it’s understandable that you might be uncertain about your rights. Concerns that rarely before warranted consideration are now on the minds of many. For instance, what responsibilities do nursing homes have to keep our elderly loved ones safe during a pandemic?

Here’s what you need to know about coronavirus lawsuits – and how Morgan & Morgan may be able to help in this trying time.

Business Interruption

As a business owner, you likely have business interruption coverage included in your commercial insurance policy. This coverage is intended to replace lost income and cover various expenses in the event of a disaster. Therefore, if your business suffered losses due to COVID-19, you may have a claim.

The insurance company is unlikely to make things easy. They might cite certain policy language or take any number of steps to deny your claim. Whether or not you think they’re right to do so, give our attorneys a call. We’re happy to review your policy at no cost.

Wrongful Termination

Although most employers have navigated the coronavirus outbreak with the well-being of their workers in mind, others have instead responded by using this crisis to get rid of employees for unfair and unethical reasons. You may have grounds for a wrongful termination lawsuit if you were fired for:

  • Bringing up health or safety concerns to your employer
  • Taking medical leave afforded under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Obeying a shelter-in-place order rather than going into work

Contact a Morgan & Morgan labor and employment attorney if you suspect you’ve been wrongfully dismissed.

Workplace Discrimination

False assumptions and biases can foster a hostile work environment. If an employer or coworker discriminated against you during the COVID-19 pandemic, we may be able to help. Examples of workplace discrimination include:

  • Firing an employee on the basis of national origin
  • Cutting a worker’s hours because of their age
  • Excluding applicants of a specific ethnicity in a job posting

Workers’ Compensation

Healthcare workers, bus drivers, police, and other front-line workers have displayed tremendous bravery during the coronavirus crisis. Sadly, many of these individuals have gotten sick, leading to missed work, medical bills, and other damages. 

If you or someone you love suffered physical, financial, or emotional hardship after contracting the novel coronavirus at work, you could be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits. If the insurance company has denied, delayed, or undervalued your claim, our attorneys may be able to help you get the compensation you deserve.

Nursing Home Neglect

Nursing homes play an essential role in keeping our loved ones safe. These facilities must take every precaution to protect their residents and front-line employees from being exposed to COVID-19. If you suspect a nursing home neglected the well-being of someone you love, contact our nursing home attorneys.

Funeral Home Negligence

Some funeral homes have been unable to manage the influx of bodies during the COVID-19 outbreak, and have thus struggled to handle them appropriately. Although it’s a difficult time for these businesses, that doesn’t excuse negligence or the abuse of a loved one’s remains. Cases of neglect during this crisis may include:

  • Mistreatment of a corpse, such as storing the body in an unrefrigerated truck
  • Mishandling, losing, or dropping the body
  • Leaving the body unattended for a long time
  • Delivering the deceased to the wrong burial plot
  • Piling bodies on top of one another

If you lost a loved one during the coronavirus outbreak and the funeral home failed to treat them in a dignified manner, contact our funeral home negligence attorneys.

Contact Morgan & Morgan

Our family is here to fight for yours during this difficult time and always. Our law firm remains fully operational and available remotely to handle all of your legal needs.

If you want to pursue a claim, or have questions about your rights amid the pandemic, schedule a free, no-risk case evaluation now.

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