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Morgan & Morgan Headquarters in Orlando




(Released under Common Attribution 4.0 | The image on this page is a photo of Morgan & Morgan’s headquarters and has been released to public domain)


Morgan & Morgan’s headquarters is in Orlando, Florida, where it all started back in 1988. It may be hard to imagine when you see them involved in national cases holding massive corporations accountable, but they started out with nothing except their legal knowledge and tireless work ethic. Deeply motivated by the challenges John Morgan and his family experienced growing up, he set out on a mission to restore the balance of power between everyday people and huge corporations.

Morgan & Morgan now have offices throughout Florida and across the country, but the Orlando headquarters is the heart of their operations. From here, John has grown the firm and established a culture of excellence and empathy where he continues to lead by example. For John and his family, representing the injured is a deeply personal matter. They know first hand how devastating inadequate legal representation can be when a black swan personal injury happens and turns your life upside down.


More info on our office and headquarters available here: https://www.forthepeople.com/morgan-and-morgan-headquarters/