Feb 20, 2024

Five Things Everyone Should Know About Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit

Five Things Everyone Should Know About Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit - injury lawyer with client

The thought of filing a lawsuit after a painful injury might seem more stressful than the injury itself, yet it’s a vital component that must not be neglected. Almost every accident causes damage of some caliber, and if it’s severe, the total cost can quickly snowball into tens of thousands of dollars. 

Personal injury law protects you from this. Still, many people aren’t well versed in the specifics, and that often leads people to believe they’re not protected at all.

Anyone can find themselves in an accident, so everyone should understand the rights that protect them. Continue reading for 5 things everyone should know about filing a personal injury lawsuit in 2023.


Accident Victims Should Seek Some Form of Medical Care, Even in Minor Situations

Emotions run high after an accident. Even if there isn’t physical damage that you can see, there could be internal injuries or adrenaline-concealed pain that aren’t affecting you yet. Seeking medical attention can help alert you and protect your well-being. 

Your health is what’s most important, and failing to seek medical care is a very serious risk. If you don’t opt for medical treatment at the accident scene and start experiencing pain or discomfort, you should still see a doctor. 


There’s a Timeline Where Accident Victims Are Eligible for Compensation

Everyone pays into their policy for a reason. If you’re covered against the damage of an accident, you should file a claim with your provider as soon as possible. Failing to do so can put you outside of your statute of limitations and deem you ineligible for compensation.

This timeline varies based on the type of injury you sustained and the jurisdiction your accident occurred in. For more information about your specific statute of limitations, contact our team.


There Are Things You Should - And Should Not - Say at the Scene of an Accident

Police reports form the foundation of many types of accidents. Even if your situation doesn’t involve the police, victims must speak strategically to avoid putting themselves in a legally complicated situation.

Any admission of fault can be later used against you. Something as simple as saying “My bad” or “I’m sorry” can create legal hurdles later down the line, so it’s best to stick to what you know, avoid admitting fault, and not speculate about behavior.


Keep Receipts, Take Photos, and Gather as Much Evidence as Possible

Evidence - or lack thereof - makes or breaks your case. If possible, take photos and videos of the scene, hold onto them, and make copies. Ask for police reports if available, too, and document any expenses stemming directly from the accident.

It’s important to recover as much evidence as soon as possible. Time can erode the finer details of accident situations and leave victims with just their words as arguments, so it’s important to act fast. For the best results, speak with a lawyer promptly after your accident to learn how to prepare your claim.


The Process Can Feel Overwhelming at Times, but Remember It’s Worth It

Covering medical expenses, lost wages, and any property damage after an accident you didn’t cause is often enough to keep you motivated, but stress can add up. Although it might be an uphill battle, remember that the steps you take now will give you the best possible chance of escaping the financial burden of your situation.

Having an attorney at your side makes the process much, much easier to handle. They’ll know how to stay within deadlines, advocate for rightful value, and navigate any legal hurdles that arise throughout the process. Don’t sacrifice expertise for cost, either, as only the most proficient attorneys can handle cases that need to be brought to trial.


Team Up With an Experienced Law Firm

Personal injury lawsuits are delicate and complicated situations that must be handled with care. Without an experienced lawyer by your side, you run the risk of losing out on the compensation you need to cover the financial burden of your accident, so it’s important to choose your representation carefully.

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