Elder Abuse

Criminal Probe of Hollywood Hills Nursing Home After 8 Dead Due to Extreme Heat

Update 9/25: Voicemails left on Florida Gov. Rick Scott’s cellphone by employees of The Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills asking for help were allegedly deleted,...

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  • Sep 14, 2017

Is Your Loved One’s Caregiver Abusive?

A disturbing video showing a home health aide hitting and verbally abusing a 94-year-old woman with Alzheimer’s has gone viral. After finding unexplained bruises on...

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  • Feb 1, 2017

New Nursing Home Regulations: Can They Reduce Elder Abuse?

Elder abuse in all forms - physical, emotional, sexual, and financial - is a critical problem in the United States. Much of the abuse occurs...

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  • Dec 29, 2016

Dementia Costs One Woman $1 Million, Authorities Allege

The Department of Children and Family is investigating a report of potential financial elder abuse in The Villages. A woman with dementia allegedly gave $1...

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  • Dec 6, 2016

Know the Warning Signs of Elder Abuse and Exploitation

St. Petersburg Police arrested a 94-year-old man’s licensed guardian for allegedly using her position to steal thousands of dollars from his bank account. This charge...

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  • st-petersburg
  • Oct 12, 2016

Osceola Senior Watch Program: Could One Weekly Visit Help Stop Elder Abuse?

Senior citizens living alone in Osceola County can now look forward to weekly visits, but their visitors might not be who you would expect. The...

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  • kissimmee
  • Sep 21, 2016

Brevard Priest Fraud Case Shines Light on Scammers Targeting the Elderly

A Brevard County priest accused of defrauding an elderly woman is accused of stealing nearly $90,000 from his victim in less than a year. This...

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  • melbourne
  • Sep 13, 2016

Elder Abuse in New York: The Most Common Kinds of Financial Scams

Recently, a former home health aide was sentenced to prison after stealing several hundred thousand dollars from an elderly couple on the Upper East Side....

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  • new-york
  • Aug 22, 2016

Telltale Signs of Bad Nursing Home Conditions in Melbourne

Families in Brevard County were reminded of the importance of staying vigilant against elder abuse after the shocking discovery that residents of Trinity Towers senior...

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  • melbourne
  • Jul 8, 2016

How You Know If Your Family Member Is a Victim of Nursing Home Abuse

A Daytona Beach assisted living facility was recently forced to shut its doors to new residents after an investigation found that administrators failed to report...

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  • daytona-beach
  • Jul 6, 2016

Elder Abuse on the Rise in Orlando: How Can It Be Stopped?

As older adults become physically and mentally frail, they require a network of family members, healthcare professionals, and other members of the community to provide...

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  • orlando
  • Jun 7, 2016

Elder Abuse Task Force Submits Recommendations to Tennessee

Elder abuse remains prevalent in Tennessee, with one of the most recent victims being , a 79-year-old man who called 911 after his caretaker failed...

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  • nashville
  • Feb 6, 2016

Elderly Couple Seeks to Hold Local CEO Accountable for Losing their Life Savings

An elderly Jacksonville couple is seeking to recover their retirement funds after allegedly being scammed for years. In one of eight lawsuits pending against Latitude...

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  • Jan 26, 2016

Florida Nursing Home Ombudsman Program Embroiled in Controversy

Advocates for nursing home residents in Florida argue the state’s federally-mandated ombudsman program is in shambles at a time when, according to reports, almost one...

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  • Sep 13, 2013

FL Nursing Home Resident Advocacy Group Releases National Report Cards

Tallahassee-headquartered nursing home resident advocacy group Families for Better Care have released a first-of-its-kind, state-by-state nursing home report card detailing facilities’ treatment of their residents,...

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  • Aug 26, 2013