Feb 20, 2024

Can You Switch Personal Injury Lawyers?

Can You Switch Personal Injury Lawyers?

Hiring a personal injury lawyer means putting your trust and future in that person’s hands. It’s critical that you have someone you believe in working on your behalf to secure the compensation and justice you deserve. But what happens if you’re not happy with your attorney? Can you switch personal injury lawyers? There are many reasons why you might consider switching personal injury lawyers:

  • You and your attorney have a poor relationship
  • You’ve lost faith in your lawyer’s ability to win your case
  • You don’t trust your attorney
  • Your lawyer doesn’t return your phone calls or emails
  • You feel there hasn’t been sufficient progress in your case
  • Your attorney neglected to explain his or her strategy to win your case
  • You’ve found or believe there is a conflict of interest
  • You question your lawyer’s judgment or ethics

Can You Switch Personal Injury Attorneys?

Yes, you can switch personal injury attorneys. However, if your lawyer is working on a percentage fee or contingency basis, you could take a financial hit. You may have to pay his or her hourly rate that represents the time spent on your case. Also, hiring a new attorney means catching him or her up to speed in the middle of your case – this could take time or money. If you’re thinking about changing attorneys, you should first bring up your grievances and attempt to resolve them. Then, if the relationship is unfixable, it’s time to move on to new legal representation.

Finding the Right Replacement

After deciding it’s in your best interest to find a new lawyer, it’s time to start searching. An in-depth search will allow you to avoid running into similar problems with your new counsel. Be sure to:

  • Ask family members, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances for recommendations
  • Search lawyer directories
  • Read ratings and reviews
  • Utilize referral services
  • Review attorney websites 

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