Headshot of H. Kobelah W. Svensen Bennah, an Atlanta-based personal injury lawyer at Morgan & Morgan

H. Kobelah W. Svensen Bennah

Trial Attorney

Not too long ago, in an old courtroom in Georgia, Kobelah stood with a hard working, honest, single mother. This single mother suffered serious harms and losses, unnaturally and through no fault of her own. For better or worse, this single mother was forced to file suit, endure litigation, and show up for trial for the sake of justice. Kobelah was with her and fought for her, every step of the way. And he was standing for and beside her in that courtroom when--with tears and joy--this mother received the result she asked for. It is for moments like these that Kobelah Svensen Bennah comes alive.

In his role at Morgan & Morgan, attorney Svensen Bennah is responsive, careful, and aggressive for the people. In that role, Kobelah's joy is making a meaningful difference for clients. Consequently, each client’s problem is important. He listens; clients are heard. Then he uses every legal tool available to value the loss, mend what can be mended, and balance the scales of justice.

Benefiting by Harvard Law training, Kobelah received an introduction to recovery and class action litigation from very talented teams in Miami and New York. In those teams, he first recovered for and defended personal injury and corporate insurance claims in the seven- to the nine-figure range. Now representing plaintiffs in a team of many of the most experienced and respected trial attorneys and legal professionals in the nation, Kobelah welcomes each chance to fight the good fight.

Kobelah was born of Johnson City, Tennessee, among the salt of the earth. Good men made him an Eagle Scout and United States Marine machine gunner. Good women taught him humility and respect. Out of the office, Rotary International allows attorney Svensen Bennah to humbly serve the city of Dunwoody, the state of Georgia, this great nation, and the world. Throughout, Kobelah loves the kindness of friends and family, new and old, near and far.

  • East Tennessee State University
  • Harvard Law School

  • Georgia Trial Lawyers Association
  • Marine Corps Association of Georgia Lawyers
  • Veterans of Foreign Wars
  • Rotary Club of Dunwoody
  • Harvard Club of Georgia - Board Member

  • Georgia
  • Georgia Court of Appeals
  • Georgia Supreme Court
  • Northern District of Georgia
  • Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals

  • Rotary Club of Dunwoody, Rookie of the Year