Headshot of Chad Masters, an Augusta-based personal injury lawyer at Morgan & Morgan

Chad Masters


Chad embarked on his legal journey upon completing his legal education at Mercer University School of Law in 2016 and gaining admission to the Georgia Bar. During the initial phase of his career, Mr. Masters dedicated himself to practicing criminal defense, where he meticulously honed his skills in providing zealous, effective, and ethical legal representation to individuals facing prosecution by the State of Georgia. His unwavering commitment to advocating for the rights of his clients and ensuring fair treatment within the legal system has been a cornerstone of his professional approach, earning him a reputation for diligence and integrity in the legal community.

As Chad looks toward the future, he is eager to leverage his extensive courtroom experience and legal acumen to advocate for hardworking individuals who have experienced life-altering situations due to the negligence of others. This transition to focusing on personal injury law underscores his deep-seated passion for helping those in need and seeking justice on behalf of individuals whose lives have been adversely affected by the actions or inactions of negligent parties. With a strong emphasis on serving the Augusta, GA community, Chad is fully prepared to navigate complex legal challenges and provide compassionate, dedicated legal representation to clients seeking rightful compensation for their injuries and losses. His dedication to serving the needs of his clients and upholding the principles of justice remains steadfast as he continues to make a meaningful impact in the legal field.

  • Mercer University School of Law

  • Georgia