May 24, 2024

Avoiding Danger Zones: The Most Common Places for Car Accidents

Aerial view of a busy roundabout with multiple intersecting highways at night, illustrating common car accident hotspots

Although there’s no foolproof way to avoid auto accidents, they tend to take place more frequently in certain locations. Understanding where these mishaps are likely to occur can help you stay alert and reduce your injury risk.

Parking Lots

While accidents in parking lots are generally not as dangerous as other types of collisions, they’re very common. With many cars and pedestrians in close proximity, fender benders and backup accidents are prevalent.

Rural Roads

City driving can be stressful, but urban roads aren’t the site of the most fatal accidents — rural roads are. In fact, nearly 3,000 more fatal car accidents took place on rural roads than on busy city streets in 2013, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Rural Highways

Although rural highways see less traffic than major ones, they’re often the site of single-vehicle accidents. The primary culprit: inattention. With a lack of cars in either direction, it’s easy for drivers to become distracted and veer off the road.

Stop Signs

Oftentimes, drivers fail to stop in time or roll through a stop sign into an intersection, resulting in a collision with another vehicle.


Although stoplights serve to control the flow of traffic, they can present a hazard when motorists misjudge and drive through them. Other times, due to inattention or distraction, motorists may rear-end a car sitting at a red light.

Two-Lane Roads

With just one lane in either direction, two-lane roads are the site of many accidents, especially when the shoulder area is narrow.


When multiple directions of traffic converge, accidents are bound to happen. Unregulated intersections and those that have only stop or yield signs are especially dangerous.

Close to Home

You might think cruising around your neighborhood is the safest place to drive, but many car accidents happen within a few miles of home. Repetition and familiarity can lead drivers to lose focus behind the wheel.


Contact an Auto Accident Attorney

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