You might assume that all lawyers charge high hourly fees and figure there’s no way you can afford one. But nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, hiring us is free and we don’t get paid unless you win.

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At Morgan & Morgan, we believe that everyone deserves high-quality legal representation, no matter their financial status. That’s why we work on a contingency basis, meaning we get paid only if we successfully resolve your claim.

As America’s largest personal injury law firm, you can trust us to get the best results in your case. We have the resources to go to trial if that’s what’s necessary to secure full and fair compensation. We’ve recovered over $9 billion for our clients, and we may be able to help you, too.


Glad I chose Morgan and Morgan to help me after my motor vehicle accident. They have been nothing but helpful and informative since day one. The staff were kind and caring and really focused on getting the patients back to being healthy.

Shanell S., Memphis, TN
Car accident

What Is a Contingency Fee Arrangement?

Injury victims often need legal representation but lack the means to pay for it. Contingency fee arrangements exist for this very reason. Your attorney will get paid only if and when you recover compensation, whether through a settlement or jury verdict.

What Percentage Does My Attorney Earn?

Your attorney will earn a fixed percentage of the compensation you recover (typically between 30-35% of the winnings) minus any expenses incurred to successfully resolve your case.

Morgan and Morgan does above what is expected for a lawyer. They actually takes the time to listen to the story and shows empathy for the victim. They were very efficient with the case and did not waste a bunch of time. 

Daniel B., Fort Myers, FL

Why Work On a Contingency?

At Morgan & Morgan, we understand that the victims in auto accidents, slip and falls, and other injuries have a lot to contend with: hospital bills, lost wages, emotional trauma, and an abrupt change in lifestyle. We also know that insurance companies are not your friend. Every injury victim deserves protection, and by working on a contingency fee basis we are able to provide protection to those who need it most.

Why Morgan & Morgan?

All law firms are not the same. We have the resources to take on the biggest bullies in America and win. What’s more, you know that when it comes to your case, we’ll never settle for anything less than full and fair compensation.

When you’re injured, you can count on us. There’s only one Morgan & Morgan.

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