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You could have mold and mildew growth in your home or in your place of employment because of water damage or a sewage backup. Thousands of types of molds exist with some causing skin, respiratory, and eye problems. Some molds even produce mycotoxins, which cause serious health issues. While most molds don’t cause these problems in small amounts, they can be harmful if enough mold is present. If your home, business or place of employment is moldy, contact us via this form for a free case evaluation.

Health Problems

Some people are particularly vulnerable to health problems from a small number of spores, such as:

  • Those with compromised immune systems, such as those on chemo or those that have an auto-immune disease
  • Pregnant women
  • Children
  • Infants
  • The elderly
  • Those with existing respiratory conditions.

These groups of people have a higher risk of suffering from adverse health effects due to small amounts of mold and mildew in a home or business.

What Causes Mold?

Many factors contribute to mold formation, and all of them are due to water or humidity. Mold and mildew can develop within 24 hours of exposure to water. Factors that contribute to moldy conditions include:

  • Flooding
  • Sewage backups
  • Roof leaks
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Damp basements and crawl spaces
  • Water overflows from tubs, showers, and sinks
  • High humidity from:
    • Dryer vents
    • Steam cooking
    • Humidifiers

In some cases, you may be able to prevent some mold from forming in your own home. However, if you rent or if the mold is in your workplace, you are at the mercy of someone else to clean up the mold. If you notice mold in your own home, you should contact a mold remediation company. They’ll clean the mold and replace some of the walls where it’s growing, if necessary.

If you’ve never had a leak but have mold, it could be due to sources of humidity. Be sure to use the bathroom exhaust fans while you’re in the shower. Use the fan over the stove when you’re steaming or boiling food. Make sure your dryer has proper outdoor ventilation. You can even use a dehumidifier if you don’t have central air or heat.

Why Retain a Mold Lawyer?

If you believe you’ve suffered an illness because of mold, having the right legal representation on your side can make all the difference. You may be able to recover medical bills relating to an illness resulting from exposure to mold. If you notify a business or landlord that a building has mold, the owner could be held liable. Our mold lawyers will investigate your case, including reviewing medical records and obtaining evidence of the mold in the building.

Contact a Mold Lawyer

If someone isn’t removing mold in your apartment or workplace, or you’re suffering from an illness resulting from mold exposure, contact Morgan & Morgan immediately. With more than 450 attorneys nationwide, you can be confident you’re getting the best service possible. We’ve recovered billions of dollars on behalf of our clients and have the resources necessary to fight for your best interests. Morgan & Morgan can invest more in your case, fly around the country, and bring in more lawyers to secure the compensation and justice you deserve. And, we never charge by the hour – we only get paid if we win for you.

Our mold lawyers are passionate about fighting for the rights of victims and will never settle for less than your case is worth. Discover what Morgan & Morgan can do for you by filling out this form for a free case evaluation.

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