Lyft Accidents

In all corners of the country, ridesharing apps such as Lyft have surged in popularity. For tourists and locals alike, Lyft and its competitors have made getting from Point A to Point B easier and more affordable. Yet while there are advantages to ridesharing services, the same risks of traveling in any vehicle apply: No matter where you’re headed, there’s always the chance of an accident.

While many victims of ridesharing accidents walk away with minor injuries or none at all, not everyone is so fortunate. From spinal cord trauma and traumatic brain injuries to whiplash and broken bones, the victims in Lyft accidents often suffer severe ailments. You might be wondering, what happens if I take a Lyft and get hurt in a collision?

Who Is Responsible for My Injury?

Drivers who work for Lyft are considered independent contractors rather than employees. For this reason, the company may deny responsibility for an accident involving one of its drivers. Further, Lyft employees often do not have the means to compensate the victim. In addition, many insurers will refuse to honor a claim or make lowball settlement offers. For these reasons, it’s imperative that you hire a Lyft accident lawyer.

Drivers for Lyft are required to carry an auto insurance policy, but not commercial insurance. If you suffer an injury in an accident and your Lyft driver was at fault, you may be covered by the company’s $1 million liability insurance and bodily injury coverage. If the driver has a commercial auto insurance policy or has a provision within their personal insurance policy covering ridesharing, you may be able to collect damages from the operator of the vehicle.

If the other driver was at fault for the accident, you may be able to file a claim against their insurance company. In some situations, you may even be able to file a claim against Lyft. However, because Lyft’s drivers are not considered employees, it’s difficult to hold the company accountable for the actions of its drivers.

What Damages Might I Be Eligible to Receive?

If you were the victim as a passenger in a Lyft car crash, with the help of an auto accident lawyer, you may be able to collect compensation for damages including:

  • Past and future medical bills, including hospitalization, rehabilitation, disability, and other healthcare-related expenses
  • Pain and suffering, mental anguish, and physical impairment
  • Past and future economic losses, including lost wages
  • Loss of future income due to permanent disfigurement or long-term disability

What Should I Do Following an Accident?

Ridesharing accidents are no different than auto collisions involving noncommercial drivers in that there are certain steps you, as a passenger, can take to protect your rights.

  • Call the authorities.
  • Remain at the site of the crash.
  • Collect phone numbers and insurance information from everyone involved.
  • Get contact information for eyewitnesses.
  • Take photographs of the crash site, vehicles, and your injuries.
  • Accept medical attention even if you feel fine. (Some injuries are not immediately apparent.)
  • Contact a Lyft car accident lawyer.

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